Papa’s Taco Mia Walkthrough, Tips, Tricks Guide

Papa’s Taco Mia Walkthrough, Video, Tips, Tricks Guide is here!

You’ll need to multi-task to keep up with the orders and get the best scores. Make sure you keep switching to the Order Station to see if new customers are entering, and keep an eye on the Grill Station to see when meats need to be flipped, cut, or put into tacos.
If you’re having trouble keeping track of everything, use your tips to buy items in the Upgrade Shop to help. The Door Chime will alert you when new customers enter, Cooking Timers will alert you when meats need to be flipped or cut, and decorations will let customers wait longer before lowering your score.

Each customer has a certain type of meat they like in their tacos. They may add extra items to their order once you unlock new toppings, but their meat choice will always stay the same. Get to know each customer’s meat preference to help you stay organized.
Drag pans of raw meat onto the stove top to start cooking. As you unlock more types of meat, other pans of raw meat will appear on the counter to use.
Each pan has its own “timer ring” around the rim. When the timer reaches the end, it’s time to pour the cooked meat into a taco shell.
Meats need to be flipped or cut at certain times while cooking. When you drag a pan onto the stove, blue “Flip Markers” and red “Cut Markers” will appear around the pan’s timer ring. When the timer reaches one of these Markers, drag the Spatula or Knife onto the pan to flip or cut.
Each meat has different time requirements for cutting and flipping. Keep an eye on the Grill Station to see if any of your cooking meats need to be flipped or cut.
Having trouble keeping up? Buy the Golden Knife and Golden Spatula from the Upgrade Shop, which will flip and cut faster, and will give you better scores if you’re late flipping or cutting!
You can also buy Pan Timers from the Upgrade Shop for each type of meat, which will sound an alarm when it’s time to cut, flip, or remove a pan.
If you make a mistake on an order, you can drag the pan onto the stove’s Trash Bin to throw away the meat, and start over with a new pan.

After you drag a pan of cooked meat onto a taco shell, that taco will appear in the Build Station.
Your customers are always picky, so make sure you put toppings on tacos in the right order!
When you drag and release a topping scoop above a taco, the correct portion of that topping will start to pour out of the scoop. Move your mouse left and right to try and pour the topping evenly across the taco! You’ll get a lower score if it’s off-balance or sloppy, so don’t let the toppings clump in one spot! If you miss the taco shell completely you’ll lose even more points.
Keep an eye on the timer dial on the back of the topping scoops. You can see how much time you have left before the cup is empty, so try to use that to gauge your pouring.
After a topping scoop is empty, it will automatically go back into the topping bin. You’ve put an entire serving of that topping onto the taco, so you don’t need to add any more!
Sauces work the same as toppings, so try to get a feel for how much sauce you’re squeezing to spread it evenly across the taco.
If you mess up on a taco, you can throw it away by pulling the “Trash” lever on the Build Station. You’ll have to cook up a new batch of meat to replace the taco though!
If you have more than one taco waiting to be topped, your “Taco Queue” list will show up on the Build Station. You can click this panel to show the other tacos waiting in line.

Each day of the week, a different “Closer” customer arrives at the end of the day to add an extra challenge. Each Closer is very picky about their order, so serving a good taco is tougher! Make sure you do a good job on their order, since their standards are much higher.
Each Closer only comes in once every 7 days, so it’s harder to earn Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards for them – so make each visit count!
Jojo the Food Critic comes in once a week as a Closer. He’s just as picky as the other Closers, and he also orders something completely different every time he visits. If he likes the taco you serve, he’ll award your restaurant a Blue Ribbon, which you keep for three days and display in your lobby.
While you have a Blue Ribbon, customers will give you bigger tips since you won the award, so try to make the Food Critic happy each week to keep earning more money!

If a customer waits in line for a while before you take their order, or if they wait a long time for you to make their taco, you’ll get a lower score. Buy some decorations for the restaurant in the Upgrade Shop, and they’ll be okay with waiting a bit longer!
Buy the Door Chime from the Upgrade Shop to hear when a new customer enters. You’ll also see an icon on the screen showing how many people are waiting in the order line.
Drag order tickets to the side hook to make them larger (easier to read when topping tacos). For a quick glance, you can also drag a ticket towards the bottom of the screen to zoom in.
Organize tickets however you like on the ticket line. One great technique is to group them by their current state: New orders, on the grill, and waiting to be topped.
Customers will earn a star on their Star Gauge if the total score for a taco is 80% or higher. After earning 5 stars, that customer will earn a Customer Award, which gives you more points and more tips on their future orders.

If a taco’s total score is less than 60%, that customer’s Star Gauge will drop to zero. They won’t lose any Customer Awards they earned, but you’ll have to start working towards the next Award again.
At the start of each day when Mitch or Maggie opens the shop, you’ll see the first customer of the day show up outside. If you know what kind of meat that customer likes, you can quickly put a pan on the stove and get it cooking before taking their order!

Every once in a while, the SECOND customer of the day will peek around the building as Mitch or Maggie is opening the shop. If you know what type of meat they like, you can get their order cooking as well, so it could already be half-finished by the time they arrive!

Looking to improve your Waiting Score? Lobby upgrades will help, and you can buy various hats to wear while working in the shop. You can switch the hat you’re wearing in the “Info” section of the Menu.
Want the customers to place and review their orders faster? When you earn Bronze, Silver, or Gold Awards for each customer, they’ll be a lot quicker – so you can get back to work sooner!

Just like in the Burgeria, you can spend your earned tips on upgrades for your restaurant, but this time there are many more ways to earn money!
Customers still give you tips, and will tip you higher when they’ve earned Bronze, Silver, or Gold Awards. They’ll tip EVEN HIGHER when you earn a Blue Ribbon from Jojo the Food Critic each week! Papa Louie also heard that employees don’t like working for free, so you now get a paycheck each week. Every time you level up, your wages go up as well!
There are also 60 Badges to earn through achievements in the game, each of which will also give you a reward of extra money to use towards upgrades.

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