Catch the Candy Mech Walkthrough

Catch the Candy Mech Walkthrough

Candy + Mechanics = Fun!
Play the game now: Click Here!

If you need help beating a Catch The Candy Mechanical level, the complete walkthrough can be found below:

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  • Laraib Nadeem

    what is the concept? this is not cool and not bad it is in normal………….. it is tooooo bored

  • Mathias

    This walktrough sucks ! I did this in half a time of what this guy who made the walktrough did!!!

    • 灵异308


    • chazie


  • emy emm

    lvl 15 is easy…….i didn’t use the walkthrough

    • davinne

      realy? the level 15 is easy?

  • emy emm

    lvl 5 pls..pls…pls..pls

  • paul


  • 47


  • nanya

    how the hell can you beat this freakin level 15

    • aaron

      it easy i did it

    • meowmeow

      I know right

  • Holly


  • stu


  • lillypop#26


  • Adian

    how do u get past level 11??? so mad!!!!

  • Erik

    how do u get pass level 11! i am mad!

  • Mr. Popo

    you are lame

    • peter

      this game is a popo.

  • http://hotmail cookie

    i cannot do the last lvl its hard who agrees wid me???

  • mercadez


  • http://gamebattery tretrj

    how to finish lvl

  • http://donthaveine raleigh

    uhmmm level 2 is hard can someone reply and tell me how?

    • Erik

      All you have to do is keep clicking the boxes till you get 2 the other side.

  • Hakx

    done. ez game.

    • http://donthaveine raleigh

      level 2 was hard

      • http://gamebattery tretrj

        wat bout lvl 9

        • mercadez

          all eazy exept for last lvl

      • http://yahoo joey

        i am stuck on it=[

        • http://yahoo joey

          plz help
          i am trying to beat it=[ plz plz plz :o

          • http://yahoo joey

            i gota find sum 1 to help me it my take a wile
            and it sucks be cause i am 8
            so you no

          • http://yahoo joey


          • http://yahoo joey

            i will rage you lol
            plz help me

  • JeSvS

    I Finished without looking the Walktrough… but didn’t have all Gold stars

  • s.b

    this game is complicated at level 2!! how do u do it :s

  • matt

    i done the last level in one

    • Erik

      there is no way it can happen in 1 click

      • quentin

        i did it in three

  • john