Douchebag Life Guide

Douchebag Life Guide + CHEAT CODES!

Wanna become a real douchebag but not quite sure how? Check out this guide to find out how to become the ultimate douchebag AND complete Douchebag Life! And you thought nothing was free anymore…

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CHEAT CODES for Douchebag Life Game
To use the following cheats you must hold Shift and a letter on your keyboard.
Shift u : Makes the time go backwards one hour.
Shift i : Makes the time go forward one hour.
Shift s : Gives you $10

Here’s the guide to becoming a real Douchebag and completing the game:

The main objective is to get ready for the big pool party. You must become a “real” douchebag within 14 days by customizing various elements. To complete the game you must reach level 6 of “Douchness”. Here’s a few tips on how to become a real douchebag fast:

To reach each level of “Douchness” you must increase each sub-level in your menu, which is located in the bottom right-hand corner, indicated by a diamond. Here are the 6 sub-levels:

Note: To move through the game just click on the door in your crib or click on your car to go to other areas in the game, such as go to Work, Workout, go Shopping or go Clubbin’. Each drive will remove some time so make sure you know where you’re going. Also, almost everything in the game costs money, so you will need to work to get paid.

- Energy

Energy is important for various activities in the game. You can gain energy by sleeping or eating. Your fridge is located in the living room and always offers a healthy meal for $20 and a protein pack for $40. After going clubbin’ you will sleep and regain energy, but you can always sleep during the day if you like but you will lose a day.

Tip: Eating a Protein pack will fill your energy to the max, so you only need to eat when your energy is at the lowest. Sleeping is not really necessary.

- Mass

Your body mass will increase when you go workout. You can workout for 1 hour at $20, 2 hours at $40 and 3 hours at $60. You can also buy some enhancers, such as Creatine and Steroids, which will amplify your training. They are available at the shopping mall.

Tip: If you have the time and the money, go workout twice a day for 3 hours, and when you can afford it buy some steroids. Steroids will be unlocked when you reach level 3.

- Look

Your look is your “douche style”. You can modify 5 elements of your style; your hair, your shave, your shirts, your pants and your tan.

Tip: Buy the most creative hairstyle, a shave with motifs, pink colored tops or tops with popped collars, shorts or ripped jeans and get tanned to the max.

- Pimped Crib

You can customize several elements of your crib, such as the paint on your walls, your tv, sofa, carpet, stereo, bed, picture frames, plants and lamps.

Tip: Buy paint for your walls in flashy colors. Pink is always a winner! Buy all the most expensive objects to decorate your home if you can afford them.

- Tuned Car

You can upgrade your car.

Tip: Tune your car to the max and change its color at least once.

- Chicks Scored

The chicks you bring home will count for your “Chicks Scored”.

Tip: The “Chicks Scored” is the result of your customization and going clubbin’ at the end of the day. The more you withdraw the more chances you have to level up.

Also, check out the precursor to Douchebag Life…Ultimate Douchebag Workout!!! And if you’re in the mood for other action games, click here to see our vast supply…only at!

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