Escape 3D The Pyramid Walkthrough

In the latest Escape 3D game, The Pyramid, you are trapped in a work site and need to escape!

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Also read...

  • BulletFire

    the 2 statues need to face in the way shown in the room that is dark, which is one facing the left and one facing forward. the head of the statue can be found in the chest, with is opened by using the black cord. find the crowbar and pry off the wagon wheel, slide the brown pole in the wheel and slide it into the hole in front of the pillars, grab the long rope and the bush pile that was in front of the statues and combine them together before using the wheel to move the pillar after turning the wheel. grab the knife in the shoulder of the one skeleton and go inthe room through the pillars and grab the stick on the floor and go back the once dark room and use the stick to life the large rock and get the structure piece. go back into the pillar room and place the structure piece on the face on the wall, click on the face. tap the patterns as shown on the face’s forehead, go back and door is opened!

    • Amanda

      Where’s the damn flashlight?

      • Thom

        OMG IM TELLING SO MANY PEOPLE WERE THE FLASHLIGHT IS ITS SOOO EASY….. Look under the thing where u find the wheel you’ll see the glass part…

    • dylan

      I’m Shure bored

      • Thom

        Lol me too…

  • Devin

    Where is the flashlight Nd how do u open the chest

    • Thom

      Dude very easy… The flashlight is under that thing were u get the wheel. its very small but you will see the glass part.

  • Manu

    How do you find the missing Piece of the face and turn on the light in the dark room??

    • anna

      the missing piece of the face is in the dark room. Find the batteries and the flashlight and combine them. put it in the room, and find something to clear the sand off the piece.

      • Liz

        Umm where is the flashlight??

        • Aryanna

          Help Me please!! i dont get it!

          • Thom

            Its verry easy to find the flashlight its under the the thing were you find the wheel…

    • Thom

      All you haft to do is get the black wire and click the chest and grab the head. TO turn on the lights in the dark room Just get the flashlight under the thing were u find the wheel then get the batteries in the pillar room and combind them together go into the dark room with teh flashlight on and CLICK.

  • Modeltype08

    How do u get put together the Pharohs face? I see the missing section of his face in the dark room after using chisel on the rock but I can’t pick it up. I tried tapping and swiping but it won’t go to my inventory. Clarity please?

  • Stella

    WHAT DO I DO WITH THE ROPE????????

    • Jean

      You really don’t need to put hearts around your !! comment, calmdown.

    • Thom

      To get the face on the statue you need to go in the room thats next to to the dark room there will be a knife in the skeletons Rip cage. Grab the knife, go to the statues and then click the Ropes in front of the statue. Then just click the staute with the head on…

  • Stella

    Um I M really stuck!! The only 2 things I have left are the knife and the rope what do I do with them?

    • Thom

      Ok for the rope GO to the chest and click the lock on it with the rope on that will open the chest. For the knife go to the statues and click the bushes infront of the statues…

  • MS

    How do you get the two soldiers to turn!!!?

    • Isis

      Just tap them :P

  • samantha

    -hi, i have basically figured everything out. I have even added the missing part of the pharoahs face, yet I still havent used my knife and it is the last thing in my inventory. Can someone assist guiding me into what to do with the knife?

    • zinctherapy

      Actually you don’t need it. After piecing the pharoah’s face tgt, the pharoah’s headdress has three symbols. Find the exact symbols among the symbols around the pharoah’s head and click on them in sequence similar to how it was displayed on the pharoah’s headdress fron top to bottom. Then go back to the room and you will find that there is an escape route. Click on the escape route and you’re out.

    • Scottk

      I never used the knife. I just clicked on the pharaohs 3 symbols in the field around his head. And the wire didn’t disappear after I used it to open the chest. My main problem was that if you combine the wheel with the wrong thing, it disappears. I had to reinstall and combine the wheel with the stick to create a wheel. Then the rope and the vine didn’t combine at first, further confusing me, but I eventually got them together to operate the wheel.

      • http://applefafe Amanda

        I so don’t fit this game

      • http://applefafe Amanda

        I so don’t fit this game

      • Lance logan

        Same to me!

    • King

      hi honey
      forget about using knife ,it’s useless….go to pharoahs room…there should be 3 sign on the middle of the mummy face….find and touch these signs from the background in around of pharoahs face…

      • Isis

        eeer where to touch these symbols?

    • S.R.

      I have used the knife for removing the vines in front of the 2 statues ;)

    • ciara

      cut the vines in front of the jackals

  • Mike

    What do you do when you have the Pharos face? All I have is the knife and that’s it and the 2 statues r te right way and the pharo has a full face

    • StephH

      Then look at the pharoahs face, he has 3 symbols, click on the corresponding symbols on the wall surrounding him, once you clicked all three you can click down to go to the last room and the passage will be opened

  • Hayjoe

    My wheel disappeared and I don’t remember how I found it??

    • Michelle

      U can find the wheel by using the crow bar on the wheel barrow.

      • Liz

        Where Is the flashlight??

    • M.p

      Use the crowbar on the wheelbarrow.

  • Six

    I hate the tomb game

  • Lala

    I can’t figure out what to do with the chisel? Can anyone help?

    • Michelle

      U use the chisel on the big hunk of rock in the room that was previously dark.

    • M.p

      U use the chisel in the dark room on a pile of rock to get the missing piece of the pharo’s face.

      • Matt

        where do i get chisel?

  • Martha

    Ugh this is ssoo frustrating i cant get out of the jail cell. I give up! Ugh

    • Michelle

      I can help if u have any questions. =)

      • Katelyn

        What are the first few steps?

      • Misty

        Where is the flashlight???

      • dylan

        wears the freekin flashlight!

    • Mike

      Use brick to break plate. Use broken plate to slash bed. Pick up wires in bed. Charge wires in light and charge drill. Use drill to cut window bars. Use sheet to climb out window.

    • Jason

      Wrong game.

  • Japan’s.

    Wtf?! Theres not even a kings face with a missing piece on my game?!!

    • Michelle

      U need to first move the two guardian statues to the right position. The right position to put them in will be found in the dark room. U will turn the gaurdians one facing forward and one facing the left. Then u go to the passage way that u should have already opened up using the wheel and rope as a pulley. When u enter u should see the face of a pharo with a missing piece. There should be a chisel on the floor. U will find the missing piece under a huge rock in the dark room. Use the chisel to get it.

      • Clair

        Hi, how do I move the statues?

      • Clair

        Hi, how do I move the soldiers?

    • M.p

      Once u use the wheel, cork stick (watever), and rope with vine as a pulley system to remove the fallen pillars. You’ll enter the room and there’ll be a chisel on the floor. Use that on a hunk of rock in the dark room to get the piece. To get the pharo’s face, arrange the soldiers with one facing forward and the other facing left. Enter the room where u found the chisel and the pharo should be there.

      • Leah

        I have the wheel on the wall but I don’t know what to do next can someone help ????????? :,(

  • Vilssuu

    I really cant go forward :(

  • Hdjfkglhl

    I DO NOT GET IT! ive just started the game up and collected things, wtf am i supposed to do now? I try dragging the things out if the inv-box, but NOTHING happens anywhere. Little help plz?

  • Hannah

    Wt do u do wit da knife on escape the pyramid

    • M.p

      I finished the game and escaped but never once used the knife. =p

      • vansha

        someone explane the steps
        1 at a time

  • Carter

    Hey I need help carmen how do u break into the light holder thingy I’m stuck there!!!! Plz help!

  • Ellie

    Hi there these games r impossible.

  • Giggity Giggity

    How do I get in the matress?!

    • Theminiman

      Broken plate with brick

  • Baski

    How to restart the game!!!

  • Carmen

    Hey Ryan you wil have to put the parts together then use the spoon to get into the light and break the bulb use the wire and “charge” the drill to get out wire can be found in the mattress

  • The Adri

    I love the 3D effect, what imagination! Just a shame you can’t replay the game once finished! 

  • Ivy

    Works fine 4 me, I just need a bit help….

  • martyna

    hi can someone help me … i am collecting some things and what… do i use them somehow and i am still in the room! pls help
    thanks a tone

  • http://Yahoo Ryan Lincoln

    I can’t do the cell. I do wat it says on the toilet seat but nothing happens!!! Help somebody???

  • John

    Still stuck in cell how do I get out

  • Kayla

    awesome game! one of the best!

  • Annmarie

    I can’t make the wheel add to the vine. I’ve restarted five times.

    • Turkey slippers

      Lucky you! I can’t even restart it!!!

  • Kobe

    i cant click the grass in the walkthrough like i clicked evreywhere.