ClickDEATH 2 Walkthrough

ClickDEATH 2 Walkthrough Video!

Use the space below to talk about how to beat ClickDEATH 2 the Oil Rig!

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  • EllyBaBelly

    I mean i did :)

  • EllyBaBelly

    I dint find anything that helped me. So whats going on.


  • EllyBaBelly

    Hey i never found ANYTHING

  • dhruv

    or u guys can watch the walkthrough by typing ‘clickdeath2 walkthrough’ at youtube! :D

    • awesomeness

      yeah,right!!!!!!! :P

  • Liv

    I tried clicking the fire & the 2 guys, but when i clicked the guy w/ the clipboard, it just put the fire out. HELP!!!!!!!

    • awesomeness

      you have to blow up the oil by clicking the guy who’s “stabbing” the oil pipe

  • fbnidnb

    i did it in 10:24

    • Double_A

      10:17!! :)

      • your mom

        49 sec hell YEH!!!

      • t-man

        10:06 hah

    • isiah231

      i done it in 37 seconds :) :) :) :)

      • Callum

        35 seconds – beat that

  • gg

    same cant kill the bloody painter

    • jacob

      when the helicopter comes the wind from it is blowing a piece of the rope up u will see it movin try to click on that. ( if that doesnt work try to click close around it thats how i got it)

  • dhruv

    watch the walkthrough at the link below~

  • dhruv
  • dhruv

    ive cracked it!

    • http://bored mmmm

      no you havent beep

  • Mr. Walkthrough

    click on the worker’s rope (the one who is hammering)
    then wait until the little boat stops then click the worker and hell fall then click the thing with the fire it will fall down to the boat then click the guy who who has a pick axe the oil will blow out then click the guy with a clipboard then click the railing where he is hanging he will fall to the boat and then the fire will spread the guy beside the spinning thing will look at the fire he will panic then click him and hell die the the painter will call a chopper when it takes off make sure to click the rope that the hammer guy was wearing click it alot of times then the epilogue cutscene DONE!!

    • a great full person

      thnxs it really worked u r awsome !!!!

    • josh

      works frist time donest the scenond time

  • ian

    how to kill the painter?????????

    • cody

      the harness will be blowing and click the squiggly part of the harness alot of times and a little clip will come up

  • Erica


  • jackson

    yeah right idoit

    • ???

      ummm seriously if ur gonna be intellegent to juge people and say their lying then what u wrote does not make it sorry”yeah right idiot” u need to yourself and juge how much of an you are

  • jackson

    yeah right idiot

    • Kaiden

      wow if u have to be so fuckingly stupid to juge people and be a bitch then u should go fuck yourself and say ur sorry for being a total asshole

      • awesomeness

        why dont you say that to yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  • yoan

    cliquer la corde et attende le bateau cliquer sur mec puis sur la flamme puis sur avec un contra

  • RelleJ

    how do you kill the guy beside the guy with the clipboard & how you kill the painter. and whats the order to kill everyone

  • Stringa

    Hey guys, full walkthrough is:

    1: Click the pick that the guy down the bottom is using when he brings it behind his head

    2. Click the harness of the guy on the crane thing, making it fall off

    3. Wait until the boat stops, then click the fire on the end of the crane, at the very tip

    4. Click the guy that used to have a harness on, making him fall in the boat

    5. Click the guy with the clipboard

    6. Wait until he stands on the railing, then click the crossbar right behind him

    7. Click the guy on the middle floor while he’s freaking out, he’ll get caught in the drill and die

    8. Keep clicking the harness on the crane until a short clip appears on your screen

    *SPOILER* The helicopter gets one of it’s bars stuck in the harness, pulling it back into the rig, making a massive explosion.

    Wallah, you’ve completed the game. :)

  • jacob

    1st u click on the guy who is using the pic-axe on the bottom (u have to click him multiple times for it to work). then u need to click on the guys rope who is on the tower sticking out on the top right of the screen. then u will have to click on him again to make him fall into the boat (the boat will appear a little bit into the game). when he falls in u need to click on the part of the tower that is on fire this will make it fall into the boat. then u need to click on the guy with the clipboard and when he is standing on the rail click the rail to make him fall into boat makeing it flip then the fire will go into the oil infested water. when the whole place is on fire u need to click on the guy standing next to the moving rod whick will kill him. last u wait for the painter on the top to get the helicopter that will land on the building when he starts to get in click on the rope the other stickman had this will make the helicopter to get stuck killing him! (it may take a few tries with the rope)

  • fhjfg

    this game is @#*@&#*&!~!!~

  • brandon

    i did it

  • brandon

    how the heck do u kill that panter

  • john


  • Ahmed

    I’m still trying with that painter hole.

  • Kayla

    how do u kill the painter DX



  • drake


  • nick


  • nick

    me to

  • aiden

    help ive burned down the oinl rig and killed almost everyone! i CANNOT kill the painter. he just flies away in a helecopter! help!

    • koby

      how do you make it on fire

      • aiden

        click the rope on the worker’s neck wait until the little boat stopps then click the worker.
        click the top of the flame then the guy with the clipboard click the railing behind him and he will fall, spreading the fire to the rest of the oil rig

        • ken

          when the helicopter lifts off click the rope you will see it on the boom to the right. It was on the first guy. The helicopter will snag it killing the painter!!


          • Ahmed

            I think they’d fixed the part of the rope because I’d tried it like 20 times and it didn’t work but it does now .

          • aiden

            i tried clicking the rope but nothing happens

          • mr. stick

            how do u make the heli snag?

          • drake

            me 2

          • samale

            me to its hard i take 2:59 to killl the miner at bootem

          • Me

            What rope??!?!?!?!!?!?!

          • jake

            i clicked the rope a bit came out and no crash

          • daisy


        • saad cool

          but the fire dose not spred!!!! so plz HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • help

          i cant get it on fire

        • hahaha

          hahaha yesss it does! thank youuu

        • DeMarco

          Its not working!!???

        • DeMarco

          I do that and the boat flips over and the fire just goes out?

      • JUSTIN

        when the bout is under the crane click the fire and it will burn the

    • http://B NHHHHHHHHHHN

      @*&^#*&!! YOU