e3D: Elevator Walkthrough

The elevator suddenly stops and the lights go off! The Help buttons don’t work…Can you find a way to escape the elevator?

Escape 3D the Elevator Solution Video is coming soon!

Use comments below to talk about e3D Elevator for hints, tips, tricks and walkthroughs.

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  • http://bored ixchel

    lol random ppl just take a chill pile and chile

    • PixelEclipse

      dont you mean chill *pill* and *chill*?

    • Storm

      You ppl suck at this I am and can do this

      • Awesome chiz

        Well if you know how and want people to stop asking. I dont know PUT THE ANSWER UP YOURSELF. GEEZ.


      oo genti mi ajuda ai eu ja to nos numeros to so com o crachá do cara e uma barra de ferro agora ñ sei oq fase =(


      ufaaa comsegui valeu kem deu esta dica
      procure escolher a primeira coisa que u pode levar a tocha chegar a fita Stickie e caneta colocá-los juntos e tirar a câmera colocar a lanterna em seu lugar, em seguida, pegar a chave de fenda e tirar os trilhos do obter o código perto do cara e colocá-lo no colocar os trilhos entre as portas e felizes completando

  • http://bored.com petchura crouch

    thanks madmoney ur the best

    • mike

      hell yea

      • thm

        help i cant see!!!!!!!!!

        • caio

          vai ve um video

  • http://elevatorwalkthrough emally

    thx mate ur sick

  • http://www.board.com giovanni

    It doesent let me get the screwdriver

    • http://www.board.com giovanni

      This game stinks

    • J-Rod

      First, pick up the flashlight, pencil, and wire. Then combine the pencil and wire in your inventory list. Finally, attach the pencil/wire to the security camera, zoom out, and place the flashlight on the wires. Hope this helps!

    • susannah

      i know it doesnt let you pick up the screwdriver

  • nikki

    i cant move!! i need help pronto

  • nikki

    i need help!! im at the beginning and i dont know what to do :?

    • http://www.lol.com lol


    • Mika

      Meeee tooooo

  • Kim Kardashian

    Wow Madmoney ur a total pro!!!! Hats off to you mate ;) you made this game a total breeze for me. You clever thing….

    • http://www.lol.com lol

      did you know that crying helps :)

      • http://ckrgio Taylyn

        Cry baby

        • http://bored.com Kaylie

          ya boys dont cry

    • nebber


  • http://foreverhalo.com stalkers

    look pick the first thing u can the torch take get the stickie tape and pen put them together and take out the camera put the flashlight in its place then pick the screw driver and take out the railing the get the code near the guy and put it in the put the railing between the doors and happy completing

    • Dhev

      How do you stick them togher

      • http://bored.com lauren

        Get a grip please?

    • http://bored.com Lol buddy xxxx

      Where did you get the camera from x

    • polo

      is the pen different to the pencil and how do u stick them toghether

      • PixelEclipse

        u stick them together by dragging one to the other, but you dont see them moving =)

    • PixelEclipse

      where is the camera?

    • PixelEclipse

      how do u attach the flashlight to the place where the camera was?

      • tyler

        take the [pencil and the wire and combine them

    • hydra

      vlw vc ajdo mt foke mano ajudo muito

  • Jess

    How do u pick up the screwdriver!!!!

    • nebber

      i know right! you cant pick it up!

      • cpglover

        you have to replace the pencil with the wire in then you can get the screw driver

  • Val

    this game makes me feel like im in the movie called “Devil”……. & who is that guy just sitting there in the corner???

    • casie

      he was the guy fixing the elavator then he got killed by something

      • PixelEclipse

        really? wow!

  • Jess

    Where are the glasses I dnt see them and I can’t pick up the screwdriver

    • e3D games

      do it in the order of walkthrough if dose not work
      refresh your browser

  • http://bored.com ShAtTeReDdIaMoNd

    And…….Out :) Anyone need help ?

    • Kat

      I need help

    • Eima

      How do you pick up the skrewdriver?

    • http://bored.com lewis

      yes, how do you use the items.PS i am

    • http://bored.com Kaylie

      i need help write a step by step walk though for this game

    • LAGARTIJA206

      ya i need hellp…THANKS

  • Brianna

    It won’t let me click on the glasses. DX.

    • http://adsurged Adam

      Me either

  • Panthers4u

    I cant pick up the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?¡

    • nebber

      there’s a phone?

      • PixelEclipse

        I never knew?

        • Claudio

          Mother of phones :S

  • grace

    thank you Madmoney that was helpful..

    • http://www.lol.com lol


  • http://bored.com bob

    thanks but how do you pick up the flashlight

    • Kay

      It’s on e floor in e first screen

    • Joe

      I can’t pick up the bloody screwdriver

  • kinley

    where are the glasses

  • Doris


  • http://aol noah lear


  • jordy

    thanks dude

  • http://bored.com maria del carmen


  • http://bored maria del carmen

    q bueno muchas gracias!

  • Xxiucyxx

    Where r the glasses?

  • http://aol noah lear

    how do you get out

  • katie

    where the glasses

  • AJ

    im up to the the pad when you have to click the 0′s but i dont get it,it wont let me touch it!?

  • http://www.thestingerreport.com kevin


  • Reba Valva

    NO VIDEO MAN HOW DO I ESCAPE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lilo_Dabean

    Uhh Can Someone Help Me ?

  • http://www.bored.com Madmoney

    1st get flashlight

    2nd got the the right and get the blue cord hanging from the lil number pad

    3rd go to the right until you see the guy pick up the pincil next to him and combine it with blue cord

    4th go to the right and click the camera at the top and get the blue tape

    5th take the pencil and wire and click on the camera

    6th go down and where the camera WAS click the blue cord with the flashlight

    7th get the glasses

    8th go to the right until you see the screwdriver click it

    9th go to the right twice and click the coin

    10th go the right till you see the guy and click the yellow paper by the briefcase combine it with the glasses

    11th go to the right twice till you see th bar, click it with the screw driver

    12 go to the lil number pad and click it with the coin then click the pad again… and use the tape to combine the wires… click the pad one last time… then enter the code on the yellow paper by cliking the 0′s

    LAST got to the elevator doors and and use the bar… and the click the bar again and your home free

    • dhruvashetty

      Thanks alot, dude

      • Haley

        How am I going to remember that!!!

        • iLexiUK

          umm keep this up in another window and keep going back to it duuuh

      • Holly

        Could someone please tell me how I get out once the door has opened slightly x

        • Person

          Put the bar in the door.

      • lucas

        1 obter lanterna

        2 tem o direito e obter o cabo azul pendurada no teclado numérico lil

        3 ir para a direita até você ver o cara pegar o pincil ao lado dele e combiná-lo com cordão azul

        4 ir para a direita e clique na câmera na parte superior e obter a fita azul

        5 tomar o lápis e fio e clique na câmera

        6 descer e onde a câmera foi clicar o cabo azul com o lanterna

        7 obter os óculos

        8 vá para a direita até ver a chave de fenda clique nele

        9 ir para a direita duas vezes e clique na moeda

        10 ir para a direita até você ver o cara e clique no papel amarelo pela pasta combiná-la com os óculos

        11 ir para a direita duas vezes até que você veja a barra th, clique nele com a chave de fenda

        12 ir para o teclado numérico lil e clique nele com a moeda, em seguida, clique no bloco de novo … e usar a fita para combinar os fios … clique na almofada de uma última vez … em seguida, digite o código no papel amarelo clicando nos 0.

        13 click com a barra de ferro na parte preta que vai aparecer se voce a certa o codigo (35489)

        • Eduarda – Brasil

          Muito obrigado pela suas dicas. mesmo não falando a sua língua, deu para entender.

    • pwnage

      OMG THANKS!!

    • laniiie

      wow ur good

    • Canddy

      Thankzz dude dat waz really helpfull…..

    • karen


    • Wanda

      Can’t click the coin to the #’s pad. UGH

    • Wanda

      I tried but not all the numbers can be entered in the key pad. Only the 1st, 3rd & last HELP.

      • mavis

        click the screen of the pad and thank you thank you so much madmoney it might be easy for you on the escape games!!!!!!

    • Jennystar65

      Madmoney your instructions were perfect!


    • nancy

      thanx a lot was alot of help

    • BreezyChante

      how do you combine items??

      • Y7

        Clicando um no outro.

        • Y7

          Sorry, I meant the other one by clicking

    • Poohdaa

      dammn dude you are a pro if it wasnt for you i would of been getting frustrated and everythingg ! i bow to you !

    • Randomness

      thanks that really helped me

    • Nani

      Yo ur awesome mad money!

    • rtaf

      muito obrigado agora eu concegui

    • Rawr

      You rock dude. Thank u so much.

    • Confuzzled :/

      Thanks. But, how do I move? O.o

    • Pixel

      Reilly helpful.

    • Krissy

      what bar