e3D: Witch House Walkthrough

Can you figure out how to escape the Witches House?

Escape 3D Witches House Walkthrough

Is Coming Soon! Use comments to share solutions, tips, guides and more!

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    Consegui very very happy thank you Billie jean


    Até o 17 foi tudo belezinha, mas depois embolou o meio de campo num consegui fazer mais nada!!!!
    Help me please!!!


    eu uni o leque, o vaso a terra e o outro trem mas como encaixo isso no centro com as 4 setas? e como quebro o bendito vaso ???

  • ghostrider

    collect the lever

    • Silvia

      Well, nothing was wikrong, but finally, when I just held down the mouse key, and spun around the dial fairly fast and many, many, many times, I got it half-way . a little more than half actually . and when I let go, it worked! Going slowly didn’t work at all for me . Hope this helps someone else who uses a mac . :^) btw, really appreciate this website :^)

  • DNX

    Video Walktrough:
    ENJOY ^^

  • Marial


  • http://www.play-web-jogos.blogspot.com Marlon M.

    Tá aqui o vídeo no YouTube com o WT!@@!!

    • http://... Andressa

      Como faço para ver o video?

  • junior

    nao sei passa me ajuda

    • kiara

      what are u saying???????????????

      • lai

        nao sei como passar

  • Marta

    Yngrid, é só vc pegar o vaso, o leque, a vela e mais uma coisinha lah e vai nakela mesa q vc pegou o livro, depois vc aperta na setinha do lado (na mesa, aproximando) vai aparecer um quebra cabeça pegue akelas coisas e coloque no buraquinho que tem no meio, espero q vc tenha entendido!

  • Marta

    Thanks billie-jean, you’re awesome!

    • http://sbcglobal.net madison

      thanks are you crazy this game is so pathetic my brother who is two could do it with his eyes closed i used to like

  • Pablo

    Criei o vídeo ensinando como escapar ^^
    espero ter ajudado

    • http://hgbh giovana

      como é o nome do video

  • Yngrid

    Yngrid eh só por la no meio a junçao de paradinhas q vc fez

  • Yngrid

    Não entendi o passo 18, me ajudem!

  • http://stjohns missbieber

    i am stuck i just have book and vase

  • billie-jean

    1. collect the bag with ground
    2. collect the fan
    3. collect the wire
    4. collect the candle out of the pumpkin
    5. click the pumpkin off the box
    6. go to the stairs but dont go up them there should be a arrow pointing down click it
    7. click the zoom to the table
    8. collect the vase
    9. collect the book
    10. go to the desk and collect the lever
    11 open the drawer and collect the page
    12. put the page in the book
    13. add the lever and wire together
    14. go back to the box where the candle in the pumpkin was and add the lever and wire.
    15. add the candle ground vase and fan together
    16. go back to where you found the book and vase.
    17. click towards the table then near the chair their is a arrow pointing left click that.
    18. you are at the puzzle wall add the vase and others to the square in the middle.
    19. collect the wand.
    20. add the book and wand together then go back to the stairs go to the dynamite picture and put the book and wand to that.
    21. you should recieve dynamite go to the door place the dynamite then go back to the lever and wire and press the lever
    22. go back to the stairs and go out the door and you finished yes :D

    • zachary

      im stuck. all i have is the magic book and vase. then what do i do??

      • pedro

        e muito bom o dia das bruxas

    • mary

      i cant add the wand and book together and i have the lever and wire left what do i do with them ?

      • Brianna

        For the lever and wire you put them together by clicking the lever then clicking the wire in your pockets(on the top of the screen. Then after you’ve followed steps 4 and 5, put the wire and lever onto where the pumpkin used to be. For the wand and book, just keep on trying to put them together by clicking the book first then click the wand.

    • http://bored.com jazzmine

      thank you very much you helped me escape

    • http://stjohns missbieber

      i have the thing just up to step 17 what the left click mean HELP!!!!

    • http://naotenho ma.maiara

      como q coloca uma coisa na outra??

    • http://bored.com alicia

      i need help please i am at the door with the dynamite

      • cookiegirl09051

        IF Ur At The Door With Dynamite The All You Need To Do Is Go Back To The Wire And Lever Then Click That ,It’s Going To Blast The Door Open.Go Back To The Stairs And Go Out The Door….There,You’re Finished But I Still Don’t Get How We Made All That Noise And The Witch Doesn’t Do Anything… :S

    • lillisa

      ive clicked on the wall puzzle it aint working?

  • James

    Where and how do i stick the stuff against the wall?

    • Brianna

      What do you mean by stuff?

  • avbieber

    im stuck. all i have is the magic book and vase. then what do i do??

    • AL

      you get the book, fan, vase, bag offertilizer, candle from the pumpkin, and the page from the drawr desk. the wire and lever. add the fertilizer, vace, candle, fan together, and stick it in the wall with the symboles. take the wand. add the pAge from the dESK TO THE BOOK. put the wand and book together, then use it on the picture of TNT. remove the pumkin u took the candle from. add the lever and wire to the box that was under the pumpkin. attach the tnt to the door and then blow it up. the end

      • catstars

        where is the book and vase

        • http://bored.com ShAtTeReDdIaMoNd

          I can tell you if you tell me where the wand is okay ?
          if you go to the stairs don’t go up them though if you use your arrow pointer go to the bottom of the page and click it once it changes !

        • http://bored.com jazzmine

          you have to go under the sairs where the arrow is then you click the table and the vase and book is there

      • http://bored.com ShAtTeReDdIaMoNd

        Where is the vase , book , and the the wand at ?

        • dylan

          go to the bottom of the staires and youre arrow should turn backwards click and then they are on the table

          • dylan

            but i cant see the wand