Halloween Shooter Game Walkthrough

Happy Halloween 2011 from Bored.com!

Are you stuck on a Halloween Shooter level? Watch the solution video below!

Levels 1-8

The final levels are coming soon!

Talk about Halloween Shooter below! Share comments, tips, tricks, cheats…Can you complete all the levels and submit your high score?

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  • Lauren

    You guys only show levels 1-8 but I need help on level 10.

    • mariana


  • http://gungames angel

    can you hepe e plesuh

  • damanvir

    beat 20 it is so easy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • victoria tate

      can you please help me plez!!!!!
      this is my first time playing it

  • damanvir

    i beat 14 it was so easy

  • http://nextplay katarina

    Halloween shooter

  • http://www.citromail.hu Wayne


  • http://www.citromail.hu Wayne


  • http://www.citromail.hu Wayne

    (EMO) (xD)

  • http://www.citromail.hu Wayne

    Mi ez?Nem mutatja tovább?! :(

  • http://marisalovesjustinbiber.com joshua

    beat it

  • potter

    tell me how to get past lvl 10

    • http://chacha charles aldrin

      to get lvl 10 you play the halloween shooter

  • markaz

    how do you get past lvl 10

    • toby


  • Trine

    I finished the game.

    • toby

      how did you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jazminn

    im stuck on leve 20 HELP!
    i cant work out how to get the vampire in the coffin????

    • caroline

      Me Too! I don’t get it.

      • Becca

        Same here! Any help?

    • juliet

      how past 9

  • Harry


    • http://sdf Kate

      well done!!

  • Harry

    I did it the 14 th level JEEEEEY

  • shannon

    cant get past level 14! darn.

    • Harry

      same here

      • P. H.

        Remember to use the space bar. just sit at the top of the chandelier, and keep shooting at it. It will swing, and eventually dump into the goals.

  • Zzz

    Sadly level 9 appears to be impossible… the Frankensteins have won. Pity, the fist 8 levels are great fun.

    • Tomo

      It took me a while, but I managed It level 9
      Woopy doooo

      • Zzz

        hehe… as did I but it gets increasingly tedious from then on and I eventually decided it just wasn’t fun and gave up around level 14.

  • http://hoho DAnis

    what levels im level 9 pls

  • http://bored demosz


    • flavio

      uiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii creto

  • http://Facebook Mary

    this doesn’t even show all the levels. TF!?

    • http://bored demosz

      who are you

      • valerosa

        i passed all levels of halloween shooter mumber 1 and 2