Expand It! Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

Play Puzzle Games on Bored.comExpand It is the latest flash game clicking craze! You’ll click so much you go bonkers!

Click to expand these crazy shapes! Solve fun puzzles and use the physics of growth to get shapes above the line!

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Expand It! Flash Game

Expand It the game


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  • GRRR!! :)

    HOW DO YOU DO LEVEL 12???????????

    • http://bored.com billy

      how doo you get past level 11 its confusing the hell out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Allison

      yea….im confused how to get past lvl 12….i follow the same steps, but the little red one misses the top blue one

  • http://bored.com hendi

    i dont think u can beat 31

    • http://google jacky

      i bet i can and i already have so haha are you a girl or guy and jk i didnt get to 31 im at level 29

  • veronica

    ppfff ni se jugar

    • http://google jacky

      Pffff bored guy or girl

  • http://jogolandia tioxandy

    passei todas as fases

  • http://blog.bored.com mnu

    level 4 =expand middle square 4 times and then expand circle 4 times and then circle will come down and will blow the triangle into the air and expand triangle 2 or 3 times and you r done

  • Cassie

    I am stuck on level 25. The freaking walkthrough skipped it!!!! :(

    • http://google jacky

      im at level 30 now

    • Kaleigh

      Its a cheat. >:p im stuck there to frickin walkthrough…

  • Becca

    I am stuck on level 31 someone HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://aol.com haley

      i’ll help you when i get to 31

  • Preethi

    stuck on level 28..

  • aidan

    im stuck on level5 please help

    • http://google jacky

      that was so easy sorry im working on level 33

    • http://notdoppler keegan

      stuck on level four how to pass

  • http://www.bored.com Dede

    Aghh! Stage 28! xP

  • flynn

    i cant figure out number 5

    • http://google jacky

      now im working on level 39



  • http://bored.com iweubfc

    i cant get passed level four :(

  • juley

    level 31 is unbeatable

    • http://google jacky

      i beat it

  • juley

    level 31 is VERY HARD HELPPPPPPPP me plzzzzz . ):

    • http://google jacky

      i cant because i got a different game im playing and need to work on it

      • http://bored.com lolla101

        can you tell me the game plzzzzzzzz im just getting bored on this ill tell you one as well pinky promise

      • pio

        if you are working in some other stage, PLISS DON’T TELL US ¿can’t you calp other people ??? you are sooooooooo stupid

  • http://yahoo.com sallly

    how do you do level 12?
    pleaseee hellp

  • karen

    its really hard i cant get past the 4th level! HELP

    • urmom

      i cnt get passed level 4 etger

    • delfi


    • david

      to everyone stuck on level 4!

      Blow up the middle of the 3 squares all the way. Don’t touch the others and dont touch the triangle. Blow up the ball on the cliff only as many times as it takes to get it to fall. This catapults the triangle up onto the platform. Then hit the triangle 2-3 times and your done.

      • http://bored.com lolla101

        thnx sososososososo much ( :

  • Haley

    They skip level 25 on here, and I need help

  • yallap

    help i cant get passed level 4 :( help meee

    • http://bored.com Zzcv bdgfgfgfvvbfs

      i could i am on level nine

      • olivia

        im on stage 19

        • http://google jacky

          im on stage 31 and odnt remeber that level

  • jenny

    help! how do you do no. 5 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://google lolipop fantastic


    • Yesenia

      Ha ha, what a dumbass. Ignatius was born 30 years after Jesus he could never have even been coeisdnred to be RC. You are a typical reformed calvinist type trying to shoehorn your evil beliefs into Christianity. And just how is my lifestyle wicked and depraved? Because I have a loving relationship with someone of the same sex you mean? Get back under the stone you crawled out from Snake.

  • http://google lolipop fantastic


  • http://google lolipop fantastic

    help !!!! on no. 4

    • TC

      start by blowing up the middle square

      • http://leoncita katty

        gueno el juego culiao XD TE AMO KANEOX PICO CONCHE TU MARE

  • Torque

    this guy who did the strategy makes some of them more difficult then they need to be. i dont know if it will help for most people or i got lucky but for stage 17 you can complete it by clicking the cirlce 3 times and thats it. took this guy 29 clicks…

  • http://any.com hallejhuah cloud

    help me on level 4 someone tell me how to do it i will tell u how to get a mansion in real life

    • maigan

      first blow up the middle square all the way dont touch the triangle or the other squares then click the circle just until it falls off the ciff the triangle will fly to the next bridge then blow it up so that it toches the line the you are done!!! i dont want t know how to get a mansion just how to get passed level 5

  • http://any.com hallejhuah cloud

    btw my real name is hallejhuah cloud literally plus im stuck on level 4 heelp me plz pplz im also

  • yessica

    I cant get passed level 4 help meeee!!!!!!

  • http://www.bored.com bustedb0x

    woot woot this game is fun an hard!!!!

  • Emily

    I’m only on the first level, I’m clicking the square 5 times but his eyes pop out & he dies before the timer finishes. What am I doing wrong?

    • Emily

      I mean 4 times sorry

      • Perry

        You need to click the other squares first to make sure the first one has enough room. There’s always more than one way to beat these levels, and sometimes they’re very obvious and easier than the actual paths.

    • http://notddopler.com robert

      your only spost to press him until he touch the line

  • http://nitrome.com angionina


    • SPOON

      <3 IT