ClickDEATH Haunted House Walkthrough Guide

It’s going to be very difficult winning the last part of ClickDEATH Halloween!

Can you kill all the stickmen?

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  • Cici

    step 1: click the blue bowl on the third floor three times. SLOWLY. so that he takes three hand fulls of candy. when he is done click the right red button next to the guy on the second floor he will fall on the balcony and leave him there.

    Step 2: click on the guy at the front of the house once so he lets one person in if he doesnt click him again. wait until the person you let in goes to the second floor close to the stairs. when he is there click on the guy at the front again to let the other guy in. but quickly click on the bowl where the first guy you let in is standing infront of and then make him take three handfuls of candy and then press the right red button on the panel next to the man on the second floor. do the same thing with the second guy you let in before he leaves.

    Step 3: now click one of the men on the balcony. click on his head, he will stand up and eat some candy. click his bag and he will eat more candy click his bag again and he will eat the last bit of candy and he will fall but the other two will still be there so do the same thing with them both until they are all dead on the floor.

    step 4: now that they have fallen it has broken the wall next to the mummy click the moon so that the clouds clear away and the mummies wrappings come off and the mummy becomes a werewolf. do not click him at any moment until the time comes.

    step 5: click the tower part of the roof three time but dont press it again or else it will fall and you need it later on.

    step 6: now click the longer chain behind the man on the second floor that pressed the button, and then as fast as your mouse can click the werewolf. the man that pressed the button will be scared and will accidentaly get hung.

    step 7: act fast now the werewolf will jump out the window and when he is ready to jump press the tower again and then that will make both the werewolf and the guy at the front die. the werewolf will get scuished by the tower and the man will get squished by the roof that falls on him.

    Step 8: now only the which is left click a rain cloud when it is directly over her head when she is stirring and it will make her disapear but you are not done yet. click the pot she was stiring and she will come back this time in the sky. now click another raincloud that is above her and she will melt and die.

    the end you have now officialy finished the game clickdeat halloween see that wasnt so hard. smiley face

  • alex

    ok heres what to do: the blue bowl 3 times then click the button on the second floor(the one on the right in the panel) the guy 3 ties when he is on the balcony and it will fall. the roof(tower-like part) 3 times and it will like only one more click to fall(don’t click it yet). the guy at the front door to let the first guy in then repeat 1 and 2.
    5. do the same as 4(the balcony resets twice after the first death) the moon to turn the mummy into a werewolf(don’t let him free yet).
    7.(be quick) click the first chain behind the guy on the second floor then click the werewolf(the guy will be hanged by the chain). the roof when the werewolf is at the window to kill both the werewolf and guy who lets the other two in.
    9. click the witch she will fly then click a cloud when it is over her head.
    you have completed the game.

  • Hannah

    finallyyy got it! you kill the witch at the start!

    1. Getting rid of the guy on the top floor – click the blue bowl 3 times to fill the bag with sweets. Then click the right red button on the second floor. The man on the top floor will fly out the window.

    2. Getting rid of the witch – click the rain cloud above her head when she’s stiring, she’ll melt. then click the big bowl again and she’ll come back to life flying – click another rain cloud when she’s nearest the broken roof and she’ll die completely.

    3. Click the guy nearest the door twice – he’ll let the two other men in. Repeat 1 when they are both at the blue sweet bowl, this will then leave the 3 men on the balcony.

    4. When all 3 men are on the balcony, click them again so they eat the sweets they’ve got – this will then make the balcony drop.

    5. Click the moon – this will turn the mummy into a warewolf. Then click the left rope near the guy on the second floor and quickly click the warewolf again – the warewolf will jump over to the guy on the second floor and the guy will hang himself with the left rope. When the warewolf jumps near the middle of the floor, click the broken roof 3 times, this will then fall on the guy outside and also kill the warewolf :) !

  • Insane

    Here’s How You Do It.

    • confuso gurl

      this is freakin HARD!!!!!

  • stan_the_man

    how do you get the balcany to fall?????

  • caitlyn

    I only know that 4 the guy who presses the buttons, you need to turn on the white thingy next to the bottom right door and then you press the grave thats closest to it.. but i cant get anywhere after that! my timer is still going on 18:50 as im typing! agggggh!

  • Daniel

    What youve to do is first the top right person all you need to do is click the bowl 3 times and then click the second button on the second floor so the hatch at the top opens and the man gets scared and falls on the balcony. Click his head and then click him 3 times and the balcony will fall. Go to the front door and click the man at the door he will let someone on and he will go to where the first person was and click the blue bowl 3 times and press the 2nd button. Go back to the door and click the man again and he will let the other one in and then repeat the step before. Click the left side of the roof until it falls.
    Click the clouds above when it is above the witch and the witch will disolve all i need to do is kill the wolf and the man on the same floor and then person in the wall

    • pizza not telling u my name

      what the hell i did that but it did not work u lying piece of s***

  • andagain

    Any one figure out what the air vent + the ghost (click on the tomb stone), and the 1st red button for?

  • Mnon

    You have to wait with letting the roof fall down, if you’ll do it later you can kill the werewolf too. I just need to kill the guy on the 2nd floor, that one that controls the buttons

    • Gnarly Knot

      omg! i figured out how to kill the guy on the 2nd floor! ok…turn the mummy into the werewolf, drop the left side of the chain down, then QUICKLY, release the werewolf. the dude will get hanged on the chain and werewolf dies when you topple the top of the roof on it and the front door guy. but get this….one more person to get!!!! the one that pops out from the doors! i need to figure that one out yet! GL all! this is addicting!

      • jake

        HOW do you break th balcony UGH!!!!!!! it is so annoying

        • Mnon

          You need to click the person that fell on it once and click him so he’ll eat some of his candy when he is done do it again, just untill the balcony drops

      • Mnon

        I got everyone you can see but i don’t see a person popping up from a door ;o?

  • Anonymous

    I AM SO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AJ

    I’ve gotten everyone except the guy who pushes the button on the second floor. After the balcony collapses click the moon and the clouds clear away and the mummy changes, but I can’t seem to figure out how to get that last guy.

    • Mnon

      How did you do it ;O? I can’t get the balcony to break

      • k man

        click on the guy and make sure that you’ve clicked on the lolly bowl 3 times.

    • jake

      yea I have the three people on thebalcony bbut it wont break

      • panda

        when the people get ther candy click the bole 3 times and when they eat the candy they get really fat and breake the balcony. and whos the guy who pops through doors?

        • http://google jared

          how do you kill the guy who walks from the top to the bottem level of the house and just leaves

        • matt

          click the second button

        • confuso gurl

          okay, this is who the dude popping out the door. there r 3 peole outside. click on them. a dudue wil,l go inside. click on the hing outside the back door and click on the grave infront of the door!

  • willy willy will will

    how do you kill the guy on the broomstick

    • maria

      when you click the roof and when it falls click a cloud when it goes over it then it rains then the witch will desolve

  • willy willy will will

    how do you kill the tick or treater who walks out of the door?

  • Joanna

    there isnt a walkthrough

  • joe

    ahh what do you do?

  • michael devine

    see those boys on the feckin 2nd floor!

    • joe


  • michael devine

    i killed al of them exept the one on the porch and on the second floor

  • Vincent

    I’ll tell you guys what i know for so far….
    1. click on the bowl , the person that always leaves will take some candy, repeat this 3 times.
    2. click on the second red button, it will knock him out of the window.
    3. Click on the fellow on the balcony, 4 times and it wil collapse..
    4. click on the person near the front door, he will let somone in.
    5. let him walk upstairs, and just repeat step :1,2 and 3.
    6. Click on the door fellow again, he will let another one in.
    7. then click on the 1st button ( at the right moment ) and his head wil pop off.
    8 . click on the roof (the part that looks like a little tower.) click until it falls, the door fellow is crushed..
    9 . click on the clouds near de moon, they wil dissapear and the light wil shine inside of the house
    THIS IS HOW FAR I GOT.. the guy on the broomstick is dead to.. but.. have realy no idea how i did it..xD think it has something to do whit the other clouds.

    • panda

      when is the right time?

      • maria

        when you break the roof click the cloud them it will rain in it when the rain gets on the witch she will melt or some thin like

      • cheyanne

        oh and the dude on the broomstick is killed by the clouds ontop of the roof when it rains XD

  • ShAtTeReDdIaMoNd

    Hey i figured out that if you click on the red box with two circles on it (the second floor) a person pops out of the window on the third floor ! It will knock the person who always leaves on the balcony !!!!! Good Luck !

    • mgraand

      how u kill the menn on 2nd floor

  • ShAtTeReDdIaMoNd

    You have to click the moon for something it will shine on the balcony hope this helps ! Any info on it would be great ! Thanks !

  • hey

    how you kill the guy who always leaves

    • steph

      press second button

      • hdhdg


    • elizabethn

      just go to!

    • john

      click on the 2nd red button

  • http://msn xman4448


  • maria

    im so close to winning so close ill post when i hav

  • Nelly

    how you kill the one how always get out. THIS IS HARD.

    • gay

      i agre whith her it is hard

      • maria

        well i neeed the last part but i got the rest
        i cn help u wit the first but not the last

        • http://msn xman4448

          yah i on that last part to

          • taz

            how do you beat the guy who always leaves

        • jake

          how do you get the balcony to collapse

    • john

      easy click on the 2nd red button

  • http://walkthrogths bob

    CRAZY gameeeeeeeee

  • jake

    ive got all the people that were outside and goin in the house on the ledge and the admission dude dead but I dont know what to do from there

    • Matt

      after tht i figured out tht u click a raincloud over the broken roof part and it melts the witch

  • http://klzsmiodn Kabir

    but it it so hard

  • http://walkthrogths billybob


    • maria

      easy lol

  • http://walkthrogths billybob

    hard gameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • laka


    • joey

      omg wow no walkthrough idk how to get passed the first part