Escape 3D: The Bathroom Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

If you need help escaping this Bathroom – Find the full video walkthrough here:

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Text Walkthrough:

-Get the box by the sink
-Move the rug on the floor
-Get the key on the floor
-Open the second drawer and get the handle
-Use the key to unlock the top drawer
-Open it and get the gun magazine
-Open the bathtub curtine
-Get the rubber duck in the bathtub
-Get the red wire in the shower
-Get the plug in the bidet
-Get the dirty piece of paper inside the waste bin
-Get the hammer head behind the toilet
-Combine the handle with the hammer head
-Use the hammer to break the box
-Place the plug in the sink
-Open the tap
-Use the soap
-Clean the dirty piece of paper in the sink
-Move the picture on the wall
-Use the red wire to connect the green wire
-Open the toilet lid
-Place the rubber duck inside the toilet
-Flush the toilet
-Get the piece of paper floating on the toiler
-Connect the 2 pieces of paper to get the password
-Use the password in the safe to unlock it
-Open the safe
-Get the gun inside it
-Put the bullets in the magazine
-Insert the magazine in the gun
-Use the gun to shot the lock in the door

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  • sarah

    WHAT IS THE FRIGGIN TAB!?!?!?!?!?!

    • Alice

      I think its just clicking on the soap

  • Beatit

    I finished it but it has a few bugs to work out. My problem was with the sink. I have a bit of trouble turning it on. Also I glitched when I used the hammer. I had not even found the top piece yet and I was able to smash the box. Fun game though. Too short

    • sarah

      whats the tab? im only 11

    • Koffoi

      Sooo fun but I was able to open the box by putting half of the piece of paper on it huh? I had no trouble going through this game with te walkthrough

  • Jake

    The game isn’t working

  • Kevin

    Game crashes upon opening. I wanna play so bad! …. But can’t….. =(

    • kari

      You aren’t missing much. If I spent forever trying to install and load the game I’d be pissed with the actual game. It is so short..just clicking on a few places..then it is over. It would be so much better if you escaped from wherever then had to get past more rooms. Besides..dude keeps waking up in strange places..seems to me something must be…

  • Jacob

    It won’t me play it. What do I do?

  • Wookiee

    Fill the sink with soap and water, then drag dirty paper.

  • http://Gamepub Tatyana

    My game want work when I press it it goes back to the screen please help me I telly wanna play both if them they look very good to play

  • hxy

    So, I’m a Chinese.I could find there because I am very clever. But I can’t clean the dirty piece of paper. How can I do?

    • D

      If ur so clever, y can’t u figure it out

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    • marie

      That’s ok shes just mean don’t let her be mean the papers in the trash can

  • Vanny

    Any tips for escape from jail?

    • Koffoi

      Open the bread, get the saw, get the spoon and then touch the poster and when it gets bigger, touch it again and you will see bricks… Touch the top brick and get the gun…. Then go to the next place ( click the right) and look at the lock, it will have white things on it….. Click it, then go to the next right, touch your bed sheets and go to the next right get the plate and then go to the next right get te thing in the sink…. So then go to the toilet and open the lid and ignore the drawing cause il tell you what to do and look to the left of the toilet…. There will be a pair of yellow gloves it’s really hard to see though, so look carefully:P and no is the combining: combine the white sandpaper you got in the sink with the spoon (the spoon will turn into a screwdriver) ad the brick with the plate put the combined brik-plate thing on your bed, you will see a red and blue wire in it…. Get the wire, go to the window, combine the white stuff you got at thelock with the gun thing and then put the blade you got from the bread on to the gun, put the wire on the glove or other way around…. Go to the window on the right of the window ( just look don’t go anywhere) and touch the white thing… Then use the spoon-screwdriver and put it on the white thing… Then touch the white thing again….. Put the glove-wire on the broken white thing and the go to the window again g et the gun out and drag it to the white thing… Put the charged gun onto the window bars and the bars will open but you have to put it on the wire on the white thing first…, so then it’s open… The the bed sheets from the inventory and drag it to the window… Click the window ….. Voila!! Ur out!

    • M dog


  • Caroline

    I cannot open neither “escape from jail” nor “escape from bathroom”. Why? Any suggestions?

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    Worked. Had to cheat. This girl got to about half way before looking up answers ! Good luck all

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      • Koffoi

        I gave it to Vanny

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        Nope :( no luck yet. I keep trying tho coz it looks good. Can anyone help???? Ushkin or Any suggestions?

        • Lea

          Have y’all tried a hard shutdown on ur iphone? Hold the home button n power button down at the same time for about 20 seconds n ur phone will restart but it should fix freezes n glitches

  • Elizabeth

    how the hell are you suppose to win the game when the things you need dont even work?

  • jesse

    the rugg wont move!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jesse

    how the hell do u move the rug? i keep clicking it and it wont move!!!!!!

  • Jay

    How do you move the rug? It won’t move no matter how much i click it…

  • kiwizee

    were is the bidet

    • zdrv

      the bidet is the very small object that looks like a sink by the toilet

      • sarah

        whats the tab

  • twix

    The paper is not working… I know that’s what I need to do, but no matter what, the 2 pieces don’t go together

    • Jodie

      Weeeell, is it possiblee, that you mayy not have even washed one of tthem, hmm? x

  • Jimmidoe

    Is it possible to open the large cabinet to the left of the mirror? Obviously, you can finish without it, but it seems a little odd to have a locked cabinet that you can interact with yet not open.

    • Alexis

      you dont need the cabinet next to the mirror

  • kourtnee

    how do i shoot the gun

  • Julia

    Where do you find the clip at for the gun it wont let me load the gun and I assume you need the clip to do that.

    • emboar15

      you unlock the top drawer with the key under the rug to find it

  • Gator

    Dumb ass people, watch the video!

  • Hailie

    How do you shoot the lock in the door?

    • emboar15

      drag the gun. easy

  • Ah

    Creepiest game ever..

  • Alexa

    finished it yeah and i figured out most of it myself!!!

    • sarah

      whats the tab?

  • Alexa

    how do i see the code?

    • rikki

      you drag the paper over to the lock and it will automatically unlock

  • Jonathan

    How do u move in this game to see the bathtub and all?

    • emboar15

      you click

  • dennis

    it has problems …i cant move the rug no matter how many clicks i do on it..and i also cant take that thing of the middle drawer ..if i click on it the drawer closes again and again ..

    • Rianne