Escape the Office 3D Walkthrough

Do you need help Escaping the Office 3D?

Solution Video is coming soon! Use comments below to talk about Escape Office 3D – Talk about walkthroughs, guide, help, hint and more!

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  • matthew slager

    this is really hard

  • jghi123

    where is the door with the locks i have the batterys but dont no where the door is PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sophie123

    what do i do with the stamp :(

  • TJ

    40 80 is the code but the dial won’t turn!!!!

  • Hailey

    where do you put the batteries?!?!?!?!!??

    • jghi123

      Yeah Im confused also dont no where the “door” is with the lock

  • muhuwj201

    I mean Room 2.

  • joao lucas

    como abre o cofre?
    nao consigo meche o circulo com os numeros

    • sophie123

      yo no se

  • Katey

    When I set the colors to the pattern (correctly, I checked about a million times), nothing happens! :(

  • sara

    nemogu naći sve LED lampice

  • jacknjolt

    finished the game in like 30 secs

  • animationz rule

    HOW DO I PASS THIS!?!?!?! gosh! $#!%!!!!

  • bethany

    the lock on the safe doesn’t move…….

  • Tiara

    1. collect all the LED lights
    2. turn on the tv
    3. place all the LED lights in the sockets
    4. match the colors to the pie chart on the tv
    5. open the drawer and take the 2 batteries and stamp pad
    6. find the stamp
    7. click on the stamp pad. open it, and place the stamp on the stamp pad
    8. collect the paper
    9. click on the paper
    10. place the stamp on the paper
    11. collect and open the envelope
    12. place the batteries in the compartment on the combo locked door
    13. place the combo
    14. go in room an open safe
    15r. home free!

  • Ind

    Where is the seal?

  • Mr. Stark

    1) The first led is on the first table with the pencils.
    2) The second led is under the black book on the last table.
    3) The third led is in the left wall on the luminaire, just pull the rope.
    4) Go to the room on the right
    5) In The first table in the left take the rubber stamp and the paper.
    6) In the table on the right take the light pen.
    7) Take the envelope in the side of the door.
    8) Click on the Tv and turn on. (The order of the leds will appear.)
    9) Now go to the first room and on the second table click on the white circle and pull the leds. ( The led is inside the “light pen”)
    10) Click on the drawer, and get the stamp pad and the batteries.
    11) Click on the stamp pad, open it, and click on the rubber stamp then click on the paper and after on the rubber stamp again. (Will apear the word “ROVED”)
    12) Go to the door and put the batteries. Write ROVED
    13) When the door open, go to the safe. Open the envelope (the number is 4080.)
    14)Take the book, open it and take the card.
    15) Go to the other door and be happy :)
    P.S: Sorry for the bad english

  • Catlover

    Easy xD

  • victoria

    how do you open the drawer after you put the lead in it?

  • josh

    how do you change the letters on the door?

  • http://gmail ni

    where do i find the the code

    • spithas

      - find the leds (3 in the first room : on the first desk, in the lamp on the right, on the last desk /// 1 in the second room : in one of the desks inside the pencil)

      - open the tv remember the line of the colours

      - put the leds in the holes at the second desk (first room) and turned them in the same line of colours like the tv

      -put the stapm in the link and then to the paper (it will appeared ROVED)

      - go to the room with the door with the AAAAA put the batteries in the holes and fill the AAAAA with ROVED

      -try to open (luckily) the safe lock {or use the paper that you get from the second room, left of the closed door}

      -use the card to open the door of the second room

      (stamp,paper,pencil within is the last led—> second room in the desks
      stamp pad, 2 batteries——>first room, second desk)

  • kurt

    4 seconds hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • ght

      shut up

    • Daniela

      3 second :P

  • Rachel

    I have all the led but i cannot unlock the door?
    Please help me :(

  • Thomas Cook

    lead:(you go near the window from the room you start from and there’s lead in the light,then you go to the book shelf and click on the binder,next you go to both of the desk in the room on the left and there should be a rubber stamp and you’ll also need that paper,on the left there should be led in the pen in the drawer near the sim card.)
    what to do with the lead:(you put the lead on the blank spots in the room you began from)
    what is the color pattern:(you to the room on the right and there’s a t.v and you turn it on.)
    (then you have to back to the room you came from and you do the colors that were on the t.v onto the drawer and then you grab everything inside it.)
    what to do with the stuff:(you take the stamp pad out and put the rubber stamp on it,then you put the rubber stamp on the paper,then you go the room at the bottom of the room and you take the cover of the door and put the batteries in it and then click on the batteries to put the cover back on,next you look at the paper and the word on it is the code.)
    ending:(then you go back to the room with the t.v and the thing near the the door with the papers you go click on it and you click on the envelope and take the paper out,then you go back to the room on the right and go down to the next room you go inside the door and click on the safe and the code should be 40 80 and you take the book and take the access card out and back to the room with the t.v and click on the door and put the card in it and you finish the game.)

  • lauren

    i have all the pins but one where are they all???

    • Alisha

      In the pencil you most likely have already if not. The pencil in in the “T.V” room.

    • Kitty

      I need help with the pins!!

    • Kitty

      What one do u not have?

  • lauren

    question i need help with everything

  • marissa

    if u click on the pen it comes in a bigger size and then u press the top the lid will com off and theres a white thing press it and it is led

  • Markus

    Hva skal man med boka?

  • Markus

    Hva er koden på døra? Altså hva skal det stå på låsen etter du har satt i batteriene og stemplet?

  • Need Help!

    never mind the last one, but how do i put in the letters?