Apartment Room Escape Walkthrough

Need help escaping the apartment? Did you find the all the fingerprints and keys?

Watch the Apartment Room Escape Solution Video

Coming Soon! Use comments below to talk about the walkthrough, hints, tips, and guide to win the Apartment Room Escape – Good luck!

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  • Kenzie :)

    1. In sitting room twist switch on left hand side. Click on the far side of the room on the drawers then click the bottom right drawer and collect the pieces of paper.
    2. Turn around and look at computer area then flick the switch on the far wall to turn lights on.
    3. Look at the computer and collect the red star to the right of it, below the curtain. Also on the front of the desk there is a cent coin to collect. Zoom out again.
    4. Click the top books and collect the toner, tape, and cent coin. Then zoom out again and click the shelf below. Then take the paintbrush and the second red star on the book.
    5. Select the toner bottle, remove the lid then put the paintbrush in it.
    6. Now collect the figure prints, there is one on the mouse, one on tea cup (living room), and one on the pink vase (in the bedroom upstairs from the living room). You do this by applying the brush on the items then putting the tape on the print, then collecting the tape. Once you have the three pieces of tape click it to turn it over to uncover the prints.
    7. Once in the bedroom go upstairs, click the set of drawers/cabinet on the left of the room (click the right side of the drawers/cabinet). Then on the floor is the final cent coin. Then open the top drawer and play the three coins in the 3 spaces. Once you have done this turn the middle circle until the light turns green and a key appears (piece of paper will tell you the position). Take the key. Zoom out to the room again
    8. Click the bedside table. Put the two red stars on the handle and open the drawer. Then take the key. Zoom out to the room again. Then click on the drawers on the left side of the room, but this time click the left of the drawers/cabinet. Put the three figure prints on the handle, then put the second key in the slot then turn the handle and open.
    9. Take the box inside. Press the buttons like the picture (top left, bottom middle, top right) then put the key inside. Take out the apple trophy, read “2011” off the base. Go to the front door downstairs, enter 2011 on the keys. The door will open and you can leave.

    [Note: You have to complete each step, you cannot just skip to the door with the code, and you need to read the paper hints]

    • http://bored.com Jade

      Games a load of rubbish
      Ain’t worth playing tbh

    • Myx

      Tnx! I’ve done it! Finally! Tnx!

  • Janet

    I can’t see/find the 2nd red star =(

    • [=

      how do u use the brush

      • helper123

        You need to find the alchohall looking bottle above the brush then click it and open the top then drag the brush to it .(hint)after that use the brush on the pink vase white cup and mouse

  • singplaydance18

    im still not able to get the fingerprints onto the lock in the right order! can someone please give me a detailed description of what i’m supposed to do?

  • Jade

    Woohoo done it finally :)

  • Jade

    Weres the sexing red star for the draw handle ???

  • nikko

    use the tape to open the toner lip. Use the brush to drip a bit toner, then get three finger print from the tea cup, mouse and vase, use tape to collect them. Get the box from the security box. Push down 3 small button,the use the key from the draw to get the password

  • http://deweykristina@yahoo.com Kay

    Wait what do u mean come out from the drawer which one and mine isn’t working like the box doesn’t do anything when I press the buttons ??

  • Jimerthy

    How do u get the video 2 even work??

  • dalila

    i cant get the box to open i click on the button thingys n they it wont do anything . . . .any ideas??

  • gustavo

    como abre a porta de senha quais sao as senhas???????? help now

    • carecacareca

      como abro a gaveta

      • carecacareca


  • summer

    My toner dissapeared.
    Any one have any advise on how I can get it back?

    • gabi

      when I put the key in the lock of the room stand the damn thing will not open What do I do?

    • Sarah

      U don’t need it just use the brush again

    • gustavo

      olha o interoptor é branco fica na parede e e facil achar ele é que nem uma coisa branca de cara vc ver pertono computador no lado esquerdo

    • gustavo


  • Isis

    Where is the room with the desk???? Helpppppp

    • summer

      when your in the living room there should be a down arrow at the bottom of the screen.

  • Isis

    I don’t find the dark room with the computer– please help—

    • pedro

      va na sala de estar e dessa o mouse e clique na seta pra baixo e vai entrar la

      • sara

        wat r u crazy neither can i help

    • Jaylie

      When you are in the living room/the room with the couches/chairs and the tv, there should be a down arrow at the bottom of the screen, click it and to the top left of the computer there is a switch, use it to turn on the lights!

    • Ariana

      Youu Go To Thee Dark Room There’s aa Swicth On The Wall It turn It On That U Can See Do It But First you have to make sure the light is on it thee living room got it ?

  • Cam

    Anyone else having trouble with the dark room? I have hit the switch and then gone into the dark room but it is pitch black and can’t see a switch anywhere…

    • Cam

      Trying to play on an iPad by the way

      • Ariana

        Its better too play on the iPad 2 u should try it

    • thrs another switch on the far wall a little to the left turn your brightness setting to highest

    • Jaylie

      The switch is on the top left side of the computer….it doesn’t exactly look like a switch though…..

  • Phoenix

    Almost impossible to play on iPhone. Can’t pick up things. All I can ever get are the two cards, push the numbers key pad and turn the switch in the 1st room

  • Musical

    I can’t do the fingerprint thing can some1 plz help?!

  • Desire

    Getting the fingerprints on the iPad is pretty much impossible. I opened the toner, put he brush in it an went all over the mouse and the cups and nothing showed up….

  • Justin Bieber

    It’s work
    Thank you

  • MN

    Interface sucks!!!

  • Laura

    I tried the iPhone app versione, it’s so bad!you keep on clicking and 99% of the times it would do nothing, so hard to pick up items, use the box and so on!i’m a lady, dunno what would happen if I was a lad with bigger hands and fingers

  • Lise

    Opening box: LOOK at the card with the hint then push the buttons

    • Stephanie

      I have tried it doesn’t do anything!!!

    • shut up

      shut up

  • jjjj

    weres the finger prints

    • Girl

      But What I do with the big box??

  • Daisy

    Either the light switch isnt working or….I cant find it :p someone pleasee help me

    • http://www.bored.com/game/play/151662/e3D_Tea_Room.htm jonathan

      first room see that thing on the wall on your left click it and then click the center of it back out turn around near the computer on the wall click it click it again

  • Danny

    too easy……

  • Lisa

    I can’t find the fingerprints. Can someone help me? I’ve got both keys, tape, brush and toner. Where are the fingerprints??

    • http://facebook.com sara


  • Me

    I have 3 fingerprints and 2 keys … lost after that for now.

    • Me

      Ok got it … first you have to get the finger prints and the first key, next you have to find 2 stars and use them to get the next key, then use the 2nd key to open the dresser drawer and get the box, use the hint to push the buttons on the box then use the 1st key on the front of the box, grab the trophy and look at the passcode on the trophy, input passcode on keypad and exit through door

    • jessica

      i didn’t know there were any fingerprints… how do i find them?

    • asdfghjkl

      heeeelp! i cant figure it ouut!

  • Jarvis


    Step 1: Click White Button on Left Side Wall. Make it turn by clicking the Middle
    Step 2: Go Back Into Dark Room.
    Step 3: Click the Light Switch On, Which Is Located On The Back Walk To The Left.
    Step 4: Click The Books
    Step 5: Grab Toner Bottle,Tape, and Coin
    Step 6: Press Back And Click Pencils
    Step 7: Grab The Brush and Red Star On The Book
    Step 8: Click Toner Bottle And Click The Cap
    Step 9: Drag The Brush To The Toner Bottle
    Step 10: Go To Computer And Click The Mouse
    Step 11: Use Brush On The Mouse, Then Use The Tape To Get The Finger Print Off
    Step 12: Go Back To Computer And Grab The Red Star To The Right And The Coin Thats On The Leg Of The Table
    Step 13: Go Back To The Living Room And Click On The Cups, Use Brush On Them And Get Finger Print
    Step 14: Go Back And Click the Left Drawer, Grab The Hints
    Step 15: Go Upstairs And Click On Dresser On The Bottom, Insert The Red Stars Into The Nob., Grab Key.
    Step 16: Go Back And Click Vase Above the Bed. Use Brush, And Get The Fingerprint
    Step 17: GO Back And Click The Dresser To The Left. Insert Key And Put Finger Print Strips On The Nob. Click Nob twice after
    Step 18: Grab Box.
    Step 19: Click The Drawers on the right of the previous thing that we opened.
    Step 20: Grab Coin On the Floor and Open First Drawer
    Step 21: Put Coins On The Machine And Spin so that It Looks like the Hint Picture And Turns green
    Step 22: Grab Key
    Step 23: Click Box and Copy Pattern From The Hint, Insert Key
    Step 24: Grab Trophy
    Step 25: Go To The Door And Enter In “2011″
    Horray!! You’ve Escape
    Step 16:

    • Mikal

      where is the two stars??

      • Marc Blanc

        This doesn’t work. Put the finger prints on the handle of the drawer – it doesn’t let you put them anywhere else – ok, insert the key, ok, and then what? The key won’t turn, the handle won’t move, you can hit the knob as often as you like but nothing happens. And you can’t turn off the horrible music. The usual badly made Bored.com rubbish in other words. Come on guys, get it right

        • Pogo

          Come on Marc is free man. Don’t complain….. Get a life!!!

      • Marc Blanc

        Ah I take some of that back. It does work but it’s incredibly fiddly. There must be a way of designing these games so that the items are larger than a pinhead. It’s better than the labyrinth game but I would have lost patience if not for the walkthrus. And turn that music off!

      • cute baby

        Hey Jarvis.. got it..
        Nice instructions.. :-)

    • Luke

      i cant make the thing with spin with all the coins in. what do i do?

      • cute baby

        Luke, you have to hold the mouse and drag it. So that they can make a spin. Try once.. sure u will get it. All the best :-)

    • Justin Bieber

      It’s work!!! Thank you

    • Luke Thompson

      Everyone use Jarvis’s walkthrough steps, they are very helpful and work

  • miranda

    i finished the game on my first try. here’s a walk through…

    click on the little circle on the left of the first room and turn the switch

    go to the room with the desk and click the circle on the left and turn the lights on

    go to the shelves next to the desk and get the tape, brush,penny, star and toner.

    click on the toner and take the lid off, put the brush in the toner.

    when viewing the desk at a close up, there will be another star under the curtain.

    go to the mouse on the desk, put in brush with toner on the mouse and put the tape over the fingerprint.

    do the same thing with the teacup on the table and the vase upstairs above the bed.

    in the living room click on the drawers and there will be 2 clues, go upstairs and click on the drawers with the candle sick and there will be another penny, open the drawer and put the three pennies on the machine in the drawer and move it untill it matched the picture on the clue.

    go to the nightstand next to the desk and place the 2 stars on the empty places on the knob, open it and take the key

    take the key and go to the first set of drawers, put the three fingerprints on the three open spaces and and put the key you go from the nightstand in the lock

    take the box, look at the clue and press the corresponding buttons, use the key and it will open, a little statue will come out and the code to the door with be on it

    go to the door and put in the code,

    • Sarah

      I am still not able to open the box even after clicking the buttons on the box exactly as shown in the hint.

      • cute baby

        Sarah.. First come out from the drawer before opening the box. Then the buttons will be able to work. All the best..!!

    • cath

      how am i supposed to open the box? i keep on pressing the buttons just like in th hint but nothing happens, and it won’t even accept the key? :(

      • cute baby

        Cath, when u are opening the box, first come out of the drawer. Then try opening the box, u’ll get it. I too did the same mistake and realised later. Now, its your turn to realise ;-)

        • Kaleigh

          The key won’t be accepted into the box. Out of the drawer already.

    • Meggan

      How do I get the key from the thing where I put the fingerprints?

    • marhellbea

      i can’ find the brush:(

  • miranda

    all i have is tape, toner,key, and a clue. how do you get finger prints?

  • Dan

    Has anybody completed this yet? I have gotten the fingerprints and the key, what do you do with the key? I cant find anywhere to use it

    • jay

      no i only got the masking tape and 2 fingerprints and 1 key thats it i cant find the other star that goes to the handle to the drawer next to the bed

      • Jade

        Still can’t find the second star