Escape 3D Kitchen Walkthrough

You are trapped in the kitchen when trying to get a late night snack, how will you escape the kitchen?

e3D Kitchen Walkthrough

The Escape 3D Kitchen Walkthrough video is coming soon…Use the comments below to create walkthroughs, hints and guide to escape the kitchen! Good luck!

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  • Leta

    I cannot get to the larger view , it won’t let me . Therefor I cannot see the drawers in the middle counter ):

  • Obada

    Worst game ever!!!!!!so stupid game!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • aaron

    this game was a peice of shit i just wasted 20 min. of my time!!!!! this game i will never play ever again!!!!!!!!! i will not let my family play this game in their life eeeeevvvvveeeeerrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Obada

      Ya u are right

  • Nancy

    i cant put the bowl into the oven. HOOOW?

  • Gammy010

    Yesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!! i escaped

    • Nancy

      well done, that leaves our problem though.

  • jake

    It will not let me smash the cake glass

  • Britt

    I can’t break the glass with cheese or get the water for the brownies. Stupid -_-

    • chloe1234

      i dont know if this will work for you, but it worked for me. put the brownie mix in the bowl, thenn the egg, then grab the bowl and drag it to the sink. you will know that you have water when you grab the bowl, and at the bottom right of the screen, it should say: bowl&mix&egg&water.

      • hailey

        what brownie mix and where is the brownie mix

    • Kitty19172

      Me either this is the worst game ever!!!!!

  • qtk

    OMG i just clicked on the mouse door and got the brownie key for the door to escape.

    • abby favela

      were do you get the brownie mix from ??

      • yasmin

        I really need to know as well

    • Nistriani

      Yes, you’re right. I haven’t played any of the toflauls. Just that Fallout 3 grabs my attention than the recent ones. It’s not everyday that you see a open world post apocalyptic FPS. Planning on playing New Vegas when I have done everything in Fallout 3.

  • qtk

    This game has too many glitches. there was nothing click-able on the left sides of the screen at all even the arrow. so that made it pretty imposable to open the fridge. lol

  • kelly noke

    ow dear, you have let me down with this poorly made game……..

  • Trinity


  • Trinity

    the stupid thing won’t let me break the class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    Don’t be giving women ideas!

    • Britt

      Escajeda? Since when did you play these games?

  • http://hgy hi

    how do you get into the fridge

    • Trinity


  • dawn

    i didnt even use the hammer??!!

  • Dashia

    this game iz a waste uv time !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ashley

      I agree…

  • trystan

    This game was stupid I broke the cheese glass and put it infront of the door and the game ate the cheese did not bring no stupid mouse out and It took the hammer with it so It was a waste of my time :(

  • Elsanor

    There is a mistake in this game. All you have to do is get the hammer, break the cheese thing, get cheese, use it on the mouse door and you get the key to the main door!

  • Betty

    1. Click on the top shelves right and you will get the WIRE WHISK.
    2.Open the fridge and get one EGG.
    3.Click under the fridge and you’ll get the RECIPE.
    4.Get the FORK on the counter.
    5. Get the HAMMER on the counter.
    6.Go to Panoramic view and smash the glass with the HAMMER, you ‘ll get the CHEESE.
    7.Put the FORK in the toaster and you ‘ll get the DRAWER KEY.
    8. On panoramic view, open the first drawer with the DRAWER KEY, and you ‘ll get the BROWNIE MIX.
    9.Open the cupboard under the running tap and you ‘ll get the BOWL.
    10. Combine BROWNIE MIX with BOWL, add EGG , add WIRE WHISK and place the BOWL in the second right oven. When it’s ready you ‘ll have the BURNT BROWNIE, which you sould place infront of the mousedoor. Tap the door. the mouse comes out and eats the brownie!
    11. To get the mouse back in its house, give him the cheese!You get the KEY SHAPED BROWNIE!
    12. Place it to the door next to the fridge!!!!!!!

    • Anthony

      What about the 2cups of water

      • Vaz

        Yeah, Betty missed that step.
        You just have to put the bowl in the sink, then in the oven.

        • Gammy010

          I agree

        • Non

          I Cannot Put The Bowl In The Sink
          ???? Why You Can Put The Bowl In The Sink ????

    • Ashley

      I got the brownie key before I gave the cheese to the mouse and before I made the brownies…Will the mouse still go back into his house? I’m confused because I dont have cheese anymore and I did nothing in the order you explained…Weird game.

      • Nancy

        just restart the game and follow the instructions.

    • Meeeee

      Wat drawer do I put the key in

    • Mmeeee

      What drawer do I put the key in?

    • Jen

      Actually, there is no recipe under the fridge in the version I have….and you have to add WATER to the EGG and BROWNIE MIX in the BOWL before it will let you use the WIRE WHISK. :-)

    • Bill

      I can’t break the glass

      • Gammy010

        Me too

        • Non

          Only Pick The Hammer On The Counter And Break The Glass

    • Gammy

      How would i get the cheese and where

      • Nancy

        after you’ve break the cover. you’ll get cheese, but not the whole package.

  • Michelle

    use the hammer to break the glass on the table. should be able to figure it out from there

  • brenae

    im so lost, what do you do after you give the brownies to the mouse?!

  • ANB

    ok so what you got to do is first
    1: go to the counter and get the hammer
    2: go out to the large screen and smash the cheese case to get cheese
    3: put the cheese to the small door that has mora or something like on the front, you should get a brownie key
    4: go to the large door behind the refrigerator and put the key to the door

    TA DA youve escaped! you dont need to make any stupid brownies or anything, just a hammer some cheese and a brownie key. it took me thirty seconds to figure that one out. if you want to know the extended version just ask.

    • brook

      i cant get the hammer to break the cheese case what do i do?

    • Gammy010


  • desiree

    I have done everything I can think of I got everything in the kitchen I needed to get, and mixed up the mix n eggs in the bowls but I dont know what else to do after that can anyone give me any hints please? :)

    • Taylor

      How do u get in the fridge

  • DNX

    Video Walktrough: !@!#

    • Gal

      I wanna SEE it god come on with the vidio I can’t figure out how to find the freKin brownie mix

      • desiree

        The brownie mix is in the drawers where the cheese is u have to go down n u have to have the key to open it! I believe the key is in the cabinet on the top I cant remember but the counter in the middle of the ktchen where the cheese is at u go down n u will see drawers open it with the key n U it will be there :) hope this helps u I dont really know how else to explaing but I hope it helps :)

      • brenae

        get the fork from the cup near the little mouse door, put the fork in the toaster, it’ll give you a key, and use the key on the drawers on the middle counter where the cake thing is. a drawer will open and youll get the brownie mix. hope i helped:)

  • http://ME ME

    This is rip-off of the actual e3D games! I’m not doing it!!!