Detective Story: Murder Escape Walkthrough

Solve the Crime! Use comments below to talk about the game and discuss guides, walkthroughs and tips.

The Detective Story: Murder Escape Walkthrough Video is coming soon! Good luck!

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  • chris

    i like the game , its intresting and keeps u going
    but searching the second part is what sucks

    • brianna

      how do you get in the car???

      • meeeeeeek

        you have to get the key from his office first!!!

        • roni

          i did that and it still wont let me in… sigh.

          • merp

            i have the same problem i keep dragging the key to the car and it doesn’t work :/

        • alamak

          how to activate the car?

        • dfg

          how do u get in the car after u gt the key

          • samantha

            you find the key drag it to the car and click on it

        • daniel :)

          where is the car keys?

      • swayam

        First take the key from your bag and drag it to the cars door in the detective game at

        • Nobody

          that doesnt work! I am so STUCK!!

      • kgomtsie

        you drag your key onto the handle of da car den it just drieves for you

    • jordan

      u no at the very beging after u awnser the phone what do u do next?


      how do i nlock the car

      • annie

        How do i get into the house?

  • lexi

    Okay, on this first locket, i dont get how to use it! what do you move, up down right and left?? all the thing does is spin.. any help?!?

  • Sian

    how to i get in the door to the right of the stairs??

  • connie

    im stuck on the first locket! some1 please help me! thanks :)

  • Sarah

    The door to the right of the stairs wont let me click on it! PLease HELP!://

    • connie

      its a reli reli gd game!!!!!!!! but i accidently exed out of it :(

      • connie

        sorry wrong thing! u dont click the door on the right!! hehe it doesnt open! u click on the left beside the stairs! hope this helps! :)

    • Mike

      because there isn’t a door there

  • limca

    hey guys…..watz d next episode?????

  • rhia

    what is the code for the bg cabinet in the dining room?

    • Mike


      • Melissa

        Still the cabinet wont open!

  • gina

    where is the torch

    • atticus

      its in between the books on the left bookshelf

  • samarth

    how to open front door of house

  • Colton

    ive clicked the door to the right of the stairs and absolutely nothing happens. I have opened the first locket and saw the picture. Now how to i get door open?

    • sheneya

      u gotta make sure you get the fingerprints on the window upstairs or it wont let you move on. You gotta make sure you found everything they wanted you to find the fingerprints is what I forgot.

    • JLgirl

      hey how did you open the locket!!!! plez help!

  • Kats

    How do I move the puzzle on the wall???

    • Sarah

      I was wondering that same thing! HELP!:/

      • Liz

        You click on the circles that are in each section to move the puzzle on the wall.

  • Tressa

    why wont the drew open

  • Sam

    How do you solve the puzzle by the door the pieces don’t move D:

    • Gaby

      Which door?

      • junaid

        pagal jb tou ho ga tub

      • junaid

        tere sr ke door per puzzle hai gaby yeh tere liay hai.

  • gabby08332

    uhhhhh i’m at the gate and the light s by the balls are red and it wont open help plaese

    • Gaby

      It doesnt open.I think it just opens the front doors to the house. :)


    how do you get into the car??

    • Gaby

      Before getting in the car, make sure you have everything from that room(key to the car, a battery, a magnifier, cutting plier, lighter, brush, latent powder, torch). If you have the key, grab it and drag it to the door handle of the car door.

      • monstah

        wheres the pliers and the lighter

        • niki

          they are in the cabinet behind the desk on the right side :)

        • puppydog

          in the locked cabnent

        • junaid

          terre sr per hai monstah.

      • Emily

        Where do you find the torch at?

      • Hannah

        Where is the torch???

        • vicky

          its in the book shelf on the left u have to move the books to get it


    OK…. the door next to the stairs wont let me in… some random genius please help meeee!!!!! B-D

    • Gaby

      After you unlock the locket that was on the woman. Click the door then click the left of the sceen. It will show you a puzzle to open the door.

      • rhex

        how to unlock the locket?..please help me..

        • bobsquash123

          no listen, get the code 734, then go back downstairs and click left to the stairs u dont go in the door on the right!:-)
          hope it helps !

          • bobsquash123

            oh no, said wrong thing, you go to small caBNIT IN DINING ROOM get theNOTBOOK AND ITS SAYS WAT TO DO IN IT!
            HOPE IT HELPS U!

  • sandstar

    whats is the code for the dresser in the dining room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Gaby


    • Mike

      Well don’t bother trying 120 ripoff ill try and figure it out for you sandstar

  • ant

    i can’t get the dumb car to move i can’t leave the house

    • briana

      me to i cant go anywhere except for 1 room and outside!!! urgg im mad!

      • bobsquash123

        u have to get all the objects (key to the car, a battery, a magnifier, cutting plier, lighter, brush, latent powder, torch)thn go to the car and move the key to the car and it goes! :-D

    • Mike

      did you get the flashlight battery clippers detective magnifier brush white powder and key i don’t know why then

  • alltidrosa

    im stuck with the necklas . please help me :)

  • Bonnie

    ok im stuck at the game next to the door by the stairs. They wont move…please help!!!

    • Gaby

      They move by draging the black balls on the line.

  • Hard

    This game is soo hard!! How do you find the 3 balls??

    • renalie

      the 1st ball is in plant beside the door the 2nd ball is in
      the pot on the right and the 3rd ball is in the topof the first click the bush and open the wooden gate

      • renalie

        how to move the puzzles please

      • rhia

        wheres the gate

      • nancy

        where is the plant beside the door.

      • nancy

        how can i see the 1st ball?

  • Ted

    I clicked on insufficient evidence and it says good guess and we have to play the next episode to know who the murderer is???

  • sasha fierce

    what is this next episode that they mention when you beat the game?

    • bobsquash123

      i know rite, i cant find it either?

  • AMY

    Enter the code then click the drawer handle(Mine is 120)
    Find a notebook
    Click it you can find two hints
    the first necklace:1.up 2.down 3.right 4.left
    then you find two pictures inside
    back up
    click the door (right of the stairs )
    go left
    solve the puzzle
    back up
    click the door to go to the yard
    use the torch to find the second necklace
    open it

    • bobsquash123

      how do u get the code???????????

  • grr…

    What’s the code for the dresser??
    And how do I get to the back yard?
    I see a necklace there but I can’t get it.

    • bobsquash123

      the code is 734

    • bob..

      734 or 120

  • jake

    were is the other two balls for the panal

  • Jordan

    I Can’t Even Get Past Car


    To Moderator,

    When Some Comments,Please Email Me..



      is jordan last name hay

  • http://Raah! Anastasia

    U guys

    • helloooooo

      Pregame start
      Click the phone
      Zoom on top of the desk – get the MAGNIFYING GLASS
      Zoom on the left edge of the drawers of the second desk (behind the main one)
      Open the one of the left drawers – get the BRUSH
      Zoom in again on the front of this desk and now click the right door of it
      Click the lock (it is unlocked) and get the LIGHTER and the CLIPPERS from inside
      Back all the way up
      Zoom on the top shelf of the right bookcase
      Get the KEY from the hook and the blue BATTERY
      Zoom on the top shelf of the left bookcase
      Get the white POWDER bottle
      Still zoomed in, click the left book to find the flashlight
      Back all the way up and you will turn around to see a car
      Drag the key from your inventory to the door

      The game now officially starts

      Click the flashlight to open the about item view of it
      Click the window to the right of the house door
      Use the clippers on the plant chain
      Take the BALL 1/3
      Click the pot to the right of the plant steps to zoom in
      Take the ROD and the BALL 2/3
      Click the bush to the right of the steps to zoom in
      Use the rod on the wooden gate
      Once the gate is open, you can see BALL 3/3 sticking up from the top of the rock
      Place the 3 balls in the holes in the gate puzzle – one hole remains empty (top empty, left white, middle yellow, and bottom red)
      Now click the clasps to the right and left of the edges of the rings to rotate them (just go right and left alternating until it opens)
      Back up and click the door to enter
      Drag the lighter from your inventory around the right side of the screen until you find a gold lamp
      Click the yellow dot that appears to zoom in
      Now click the white switches to the left of the lamp to turn it on
      Back up
      Go upstairs
      Enter the room and talk to the live lady
      Now click the dead one
      Take her NECKLACE
      Click the powder bottle in your inventory
      Click the lid and now drag the brush to it
      Click to take the POWDERED BRUSH
      Zoom on the floor below the window
      Use the brush there to find the BOOTPRINT
      Zoom on the window itself
      Use the brush to mark the FINGERPRINT
      Click the tall cabinet in the right, back corner of the room (click over the lamp here)
      Close all the doors
      Now click the mirror on the far side of the bed on the left wall
      Click the mirror to tilt it
      Note the number
      Back up so you are downstairs
      Enter the left room (left of the bottom of the stairs)
      Click the cabinet on the left wall of the dining room
      Enter the code
      Click the cabinet knob and take the ROSIE STATUE
      Go back upstairs
      Place the Rosie statue on the dresser near you on the right wall (place it in front of the lamp)
      Now click the lamp to turn it on (click just under the lampshade bottom)
      Note the darker red numbers
      Go downstairs and back into the dining room on the left
      Zoom on the small dresser on the right
      Enter the code then click the drawer handle

      • bob

        The code is:
        Then open the necklace by following the sequence provided in the book with the red part
        Then go to the door next to the stairs in the entrance and open it with the puzzle on the left wall (tip: drag the round shapes starting from the center)
        Use the flashlight to get the second necklace and open it using the color sequence found in the book in the by moving the color in their location in the right order

        • drfgtyhj

          the door next to the staircase wont let me get close to do the puzzle. Help??

        • sp

          how do we solve the door puzzle?

        • bobby

          what is SPOILER?

          • bobsquash123

            oh no, they say that to let u lknow its a spoiler alert! just enter 120!
            hope it helps
            :-) (^^^)

      • bobby

        what is SPOILER? the code you give, doas not open the knob on the door, l must doing something wrong or else. THNKS

      • keairah


        • Mike

          its next to the white book on the left shelf

          • leelee

            what shelf?

        • Hannah

          its called the torch in the game….

      • Claire

        how do you zoom out?

      • meghan

        wheres the rode its not showing up on mine

      • hellokitty

        But I enter the code it dun let me take the ROSIE STATUE! HELP ME!!!!!!!!

    • arboreea

      i’ve tried to play this game three times but, no matter what i push on the cabinet there-after i put the code ’734′ – the clabinet doesn’t open!? where is that ‘knob’ on the cabinet, precisely? please, help!

      • luiggi coppo

        thier is a small little dot somewhere on that cabinet find it and click on it after u put the code in

      • rajan

        its yellow

      • Mae

        There are 2 cabinets. One cabinet on the left (uses the 734) code. Then there is a chest of drawers on the right (It uses the 120 code)

  • dumb

    If you completed his game, could you assist me.
    I stacked where fron of gate. there are some storn? in panel.

  • asdfghjkl;’

    I seriously think that they should make a walkthrough before they release the game

    • aman

      how do you beat this? Im stuck with the locket

      • http://walkthrogths lbob


    • nkjkjk

      dddddduuhh stuck

      • elisa

        i like this game so much