Causality Story Part 1 Walkthrough Guide

What is Causality story? The stickmen are getting smarter, are you?

Causality Story Part 1 Walkthrough Guide is here! Use comments to discuss how to win…

Causality Story Part 1 Level 1

Causality Story Part 1 Level 2

Causality Story Part 1 Level 3

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  • Hayden

    Level 1 – You have to click all these pretty quick. Click the vending machine on the right, then the light bulb on the right, then the spoon on the canteen table, then the power point, then when the guy gets to the power point, click the water, then click the money till, then when they all stop dying, click the vending machine on the left, and the light bulb on the left, then when those 2 are dead, click the power point down stairs.

    Level 2 – Again, need to be relatively quick. Click the weather man, then click the left switch in the operating room once, and click the one on the right repeatedly, then lower the temperature to the minimum when the bird is flying towards the window, then click the temperature to the maximum, then click the camera man in the left room, then the clipboard in the reporters hands, then ckick the light above the other reporter, then click the door, then click the three red buttons in the operating room.

    Level 3 – Again, quickly. Click the bottle above the guy on the table, then click the acid on the shelf, then click the light, then the computer, then when the guy gets to the computer, click the tray with the body on it, then click the blue wire going to the zombie, and then when he kills the guy that walks in the room, and everything has stopped, click the dial on the left of the machine.


    • xx_kenzeh_xx

      haha thatz legit thanx i wuz so confused xD

      • maria

        i dont get it level one im failing

        jhelp me

        • briana

          me to dont worry i will get it some day so will u maria

          • Mia

            I can do them all but I can’t kill the guy that walks in the room on level 3 :(

        • adios


      • briana

        well can someone help me i am conused on this game and ireally dont now wat to do my cousin taught me but now i dont remeber how to play and it was a long long time ago like last christmas and i am on walkthrough and i still dont get i need some one to give the instructions so would you help me please and tell me the instrutions

        • brandon

          dude i cant even get the guy by the vending machine to die!!!! you better reply how to make that guy die!! or else ail…….ail………nevermind but just post how to make the guy by the vending machine die!!!!!!! please pretty pretty please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • johnny

          just click the machine on the right and then the light on the right and the quickly click the spoon on the counter then the plug in up stairs and as the guy is fixing the plug in click the water and click the ting that old the money and the guy falling down the stairs will kill the guy that went for the spoon and they will both die and when the money stops click the plug in down stairs and then click the machine on the left and the light on the left and that is it well if you do it correctly and at least i tried to help you out and good luck

    • cheesysmiles

      how do you not let the guy who gets the light bulb to see the vending machine guy!

      • Ashley

        You click the vending machine guy and then immediately click the lightbulb on the left so the guy doesnt see him. Hope that helped.

      • http://jughgy jordan

        click the other lightbulb

    • Josh Harris

      Cheers, really helped!

    • carla

      como ago en el level 1 no entiendo lo que escribiste me podes decir por fa

    • Savannah

      what the crap is the power point

      • Sophie

        a power point is the electric socket. :) ))

        • zombie123

          its pretty easy

          • holly

            it is easy isnt it !!! im on level 2 noww ! xxxx <3

    • afld

      thanks nice but when i click the left dial… nothing happens

    • devin

      i tried to use ur instuction and it didnt work and one more question what is a power point?

      • Devin

        it also didnt work

    • Serenity

      Thank you so much! :3

    • http://enoisnafita lucas

      o passo tres nao deu serto

    • cpglover


      • alla

        ya how do u

        • Mello

          i wana know to o.o (ー_ー)

    • bower

      i dont get level 2 i cant kill the one guy in the weather room

    • jc

      How do i kill the guy on level 2 in the right room with the camra. i followed all the steps and he hasnt died.????? hellp

      • bob

        When the bird flys near the window make the weather cold it should freeze and hit him and he should die

      • Sofia

        sam with me

    • happywheels222

      but its hard to kill the ppl watchin the news and to it really fast!

    • PEEP

      which dial?? and what machine?

      • Deathknight

        the zigzag ting the zombie is connected to

        • boasting

          where is the dial on the machine

    • randy

      ok this is gonna sound dumb but uh whats the dial haha

    • julia paula

      thank you very much

    • Leo

      Thank you!

    • chrissydude

      Dude I Tried It but It Dosent Work How Do You Kill The ***** Guy that Comes through They ***** Door On Lvl 3!?!?!??!?!

    • kaitlyn

      on lvl 3 i only had to click bottel click acid click light click computer click thing that the dead guy is in and click blue wire then i won and thanks so much for the help i couldnt do it without you so thank you

    • Kevin

      Does writing down sound like a good idea? I did it, and now I’m finally ready to do level 2!

    • Kevin

      Wich paragraf do u dink is the largest?

      • I can spell

        your spelling is amazing where did you go to school Harvard was it?

    • Deathknight

      finisd the gaim cuz ov dis

    • marcus

      cheers your advice was lush!

    • Hayden

      Heyyyyy thts my name lol

    • kat kerrigan

      wow that sounds like some tricky chiz!!!

    • crystal

      yes, but how do u kill the guy by the canteen? before he sees the other 1 burst into flames. :-s

    • braddog

      thanx alot

      • Kazuo

        OMG I didnt even realise this was in Dubbo I have been pnlinang for 12 months to visit Dubbo with my son before he starts school and now with just 3 weeks til we are due to leave the whole of Dubbo is flooded .I hope the flooding goes down and life out there can get back to normal for all the residents and for ppl like me who have spent so much time pnlinang and saving for a holiday out there

    • dalia nasr

      i don’t understand how to kill the guy fixing the light bulb cause when hes finished he sees the guy at the vending machine squished!!! pleaz pleaz pleaz help! cuz u sux!!!:(

    • Janji

      i cant beat level 2!!!! this is getting very annoying!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sofia

      how do ya kevlil da sitin on da desk in levl 2 withot aneon seon

  • Kailwy

    On level 3 how do you kill the guy who comes out the door? He won’t get eaten by the zombie for some reason. Please help!

    • carlos

      dude click the blue wire so he can eat the guy who went throo the door then click the left dial for a suprise



  • http://N/A Someone

    how do you kill the zombie ?????

  • Kyle

    on part three, how do you kill the zombie after eaveryone else is dead?

  • http://yahoo orion

    lvl 2 plz

  • Kaiden

    what the **** none of you can ******* post a walkthrough 4 lvl 1 cmon stupid ******* post guide 4 lvl1 its the first lvl y r u post guide 4 lvl 2 3 ******* ***holes

    • Relle

      CHILL OUT first off

    • CrazyMe

      There is a walktrough 4 lvl 1!! you’re insulting but if can’t read….it’s noy our problem!!

      • randy

        its at the bottom dude

    • lolololololololololololololololololo


    • chrissydude

      wait You Cant win Lvl 1!?!?!?!? Its Easy First Click Vending machine Secound Soda Machine Then Secound Lightbulb Then Spoon Then Unplug Water Machine Then Click Water It Will Fall On Him And He Will Die Then Fall On Stairs Onto Spoon Guy Then Click Plug Near Vending Machine Then He Will Get Set On Fire & Die Then Click First lightbulb Then First Soda Machine Then You win!

  • Cheesyfeet223

    How do you get the bird to smash into the camera man in part 2?!?!?

  • un known


  • un known

    how do u kill the guys on the bttom floor part 1

  • anon

  • cheesysmiles

    THIS GAME IS SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kreilein34

      ya,it sucks!!!


  • gavin

    how do you get past part one

  • Jess

    Level 2:
    1. Click the red switch on the left.
    2. Then click the switch on the right continuously.
    3. Click on the weather man.
    4. Lower the temperature using the thermometer. Do this when the bird id flying toward the window so it will smash through the window into the camera man.
    5. Now raise the temperature all the way.
    6. Click the guy with the clipboard so he will get up and go to the wall.
    7. Now click on the camera mans camera and he will start fixing it.
    8. Click on the light above the anchor man.
    9. Click on the door.
    10. click on the 3 bottons on the bottom floor. Do all this fast

    • gavin

      make instrucions for part one

    • gerard

      yo ya lo he intentado a mi no me funciona y lo he intentado rapido pero nada el tio del medio de abajo se da cuenta

    • P

      I can’t get the bird to smash through the window

    • crh

      what if the bird thing doesnt work then what?

  • Kat

    Hey guys. I was wondering how do you kill the guys on the bottem floor?

    • Kat

      In the second part

      • olly

        You click on the lever on the left then the one on the right and keep clicking the right one until their heads explode :)

        • kreilein34

          how do u make emotions

          • TORI

            i know right?!?!?!?!

  • JT

    Third stage: First click the bottle above the guy on the operating table then click the glass thing on the shelf with green stuff in it thn quickly click the light and thn quickly the computer wen the guy gets to the computer click that dude on the shelf thing then click the wire from the machine to the zombie thn finally clickthe left dial thing on the machine

    • Part 3 plz

      hw do u click the dial on the machine to kill the zombie?

    • CrazyMe

      nothing happens when i click the dial…. :S

  • george

    heyy in part 3 how do you kill the guy who comes later at the door?

  • raul

    to pass the second part:kill the three guys of botton
    1-click on the botton of left
    2-click repeatedly on the botton of the right and men´s heads explode

  • raul

    to pass the second part:kill the three guys of button
    1-click on the button of left
    2-click repeatedly on the button of the right and the three man´s head explode

  • Matt

    How do u kill the guys on the bottom floor?

    they always see me get the others…

    • Matt

      this is in level 2

      • HannahMcL

        Help me with this if you get the answer please!!!!!!

        • Savannah

          Beth Grant Posted on Hey, I think this is really cool. I love the posts you make on defifrent things you blame Lupus for. It is a funny side of blaming stray things on Lupus. Thanks for sharing.

    • HannahMcL

      red levers!!! Click the left one 1 time then repeatedly click on the right one until their heads explode!!

  • Owen

    I cant solve level 3! The guy comes in and sees the other 2 dead and the zombie just stands there!

    • david

      how do u solve level 2

    • dave

      the zombie has to be up and walking before he comes through the door, it then goes on to eat the guys head who comes through door

      • Relle

        it doesn’t seem to work that way.

  • Josh

    No more solutions for part one!! Put up some solutions for parts two and three!

  • Josh

    We don’t need and more part one solutions there is 3 on here!!!!! One is good enough! Get some part two and part three solutions up here!!!!

    • olly

      How about instead of bossing people around Josh, you try to find a solution yourself which you can then post on here to help those who can’t figure it out

      • Relle

        he’s telling the truth though. there’s too many for part 1, sorry if you didn’t pass it. it’s NOT that hard to do if you read the ones that’s already up

        everyone needs help with level 2 and 3. especially part 3

        • sean

          level 2 is really easy. 1 click the switch to the left bottom
          then click the on to the right rapidly 2 then click the guy by the map and as the bird is fling to the window hold the tempretcher meter and hold and pull it all the way down and the bird will freez and go thru the window and hit the camera guy to the right. 3 then click the button by the dore (at the top right) the click the camera and the camera guy would get distracted. 4 click the dore and then click the light above thr guy and after you click the door and light they both will die 5 then you see the three squares to thr right and click them all befor the camera guy stops fixing the camera and the camera will exploud and kill the weather man and the camera guy. that is how you defeat level 2. (^^^)

          • sean

            (i mean on the right rapidly)

      • Shutupstuiped

        How About You Shut Up? I Like That Idea Alot! :)

  • randomness

    For part two I can’t figure out how to kill the three bottom guys

  • MM

    For PART 2, how the heck do I kill the news anchor with the light without the ppl downstairs seeing???

  • steph

    how do you kill the last guy in level 3 who comes in the door?

    • Matt

      First click the bottle on the desk which turns the corpse into a zombie. Then click the computer screen to keep the guy on the left preoccupied. Then click on the door and the zombie will wake up and eat the brains out of the person who walks through the door. Then press the machine the zombie is attached to, to kill the zombie. Then click on the acid on the shelf and the light shade at the same time. Then close the mortuary fridge to dislodge the pizza slicing thingy which will fall and kill the computer guy. Done.

      • Relle

        the zombie won’t eat the guy who walks through the door brains :(

      • X

        the zombie won’t eat the guy who walks through the door brains !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF

        • CrazyMe

          yes, he does… you have to click the blue wire

          • randy

            omfg i can get him to go to the door but you wont eat the guy

          • jason

            i click the blue wire but it didnt cut

      • dinknrj

        how do u kill the zombie on lvl 3?

  • steph

    first distract the guys on the balcony with the right vending machine and light. Click the spoon then the water cooler plug and water tank quickly. Distract the guy by hitting the cash register and then press the plug of the buffet after all the money comes out. Then click the other light and the other vending machine

    • victor

      how does the guy looking at the buffet die i killed everyone but him…

  • shorty

    i know how to kill everyone on top in level 2 just the three people on the bottom always see everything!!

    • crh

      how do you kill them in level two someone help

      • Thesavior

        To kill the three guys in the bottom, you have to click on the lever on the left of them, then keep clicking in the lever on the right of them until their heads explode. Keep on trying, i’ve finished right now! =D

  • Charlie

    To kill the guy under the light, click the left light and then, right after, click the left vending machine.

  • http://casualtystorypart1 AJ

    can some1 help me i dont know how to kill the guy who s standing under the light or the guy by the till can some1 help im gettin frustrated!!

    • shorty

      Make the guy by the light fix the other light slip on the water and fall down. If you get to second level plz help me!

    • STeve

      Make him slip on the water under the second light

    • MM

      You have to wait till you electrocute the guy by the water. Once the water is spilled then you go to the far light bulb and turn it, he will slip and hit his head, but make sure you click the other guy to go to the second vending machine first. The guy buy the register, click the register, money will come out, once its out have him pull the plug on the wall, he will catch then money fire and then himself…

  • Amethyst

    on part one, click the cash register and wait for all the money to leave the register. Once it does, click on the vending machine on the right, then click on the light on the right, then click the spoon on the salad bar, then click the plug on the top floor. As soon as the guy bends over to check the plug click the water bottle on the cooler, he will get electricuted and fall on the guy going after the spoon. After you click the water cooler, click on the plug by the salad bar, the guy will go look at it and get set on fire. Then click on the light on the left and right after that click on the left vending machine. They will all be dead!

    • Abdiiel de Liima

      Vlw Mano Essa Sua Dica Me Ajudou heheh Vlw

    • Kevin

      I did the SAME thing WITHOUT LOOKING AT THE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!