ClickDEATH Arctic Walkthrough

Dont lose your head if you cant win…yet! Kill all the research scientists in the new winter ClickDEATH Arctic game!

Need help? Use comments below to create walkthrough guides and share tips.

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  • pedroq1

    very good

    • austin

      how do i play

      • VAIBHAV

        i did it in 7.27min
        its so easy

        • tyrese

          no its not it hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrdddd!

          • Chris

            I done it I’n 32 seconds it’s so simple

          • julio

            how did you did it (y)

          • Aidan

            No it is hard

        • tyrese

          thats a long time.

          • ian

            your a jerk

          • ian

            just kiddin hey wanna out

          • freddy

            i dont get it at all

          • Chris

            It’s fun iswel do you want to know how to complete it in 32 seconds?

      • sahil

        so how do u play!!

        • oscar

          i know right i have not got a clue AT ALL!! :|

    • tom

      really hard to work out

    • alberto21


    • Luciano

      Guys, I did it in 38,472 seconds. :)

      • yomomma

        teach me

    • superstick99990000

      How do i stop the helicoptor

    • Jodie

      Wher is the walk through!!!

  • ewf


  • jwhnh

    f srfbqrb34rvE

    • F*yeah


      • NWER


        • andre


          • joe boe

            i don get it

          • sahil

            how do u play

  • cup

    I cant kill the #$%^$@#$ guys so can you tell me?

    • peter griffin

      no i cant look on

    • girl from strip club

      you wanna kiss me

  • awesome

    how do you kill the guys on the mini island

    • yasmin

      please tell me how to do it i am one of those people who will not stop a game even if it is boring till i do it

    • jack

      know one knows

      • rigobert


        • carzell

          stfu all yall

          • logan

            it so easy but hard to

  • JO

    OK EVERYONE LISTEN UP to kill the guys on the other island u have to wait until the heli is about to be attacked by the whale but dont click on it right away. Let the heli get higher then click on it and the whale will kill the other 3 guys

    • Gunslinger981

      This is not a super game Nabeel

      • Gunslinger981

        i dont know how to beat the game either Jennha

      • dev


    • Dani

      How do u get the whale to attack the heli ?

      • stick

        dani wen chopper in air click on box

  • nabeel

    this is a super game

  • ira

    напиши этот коммент к 3 играм, посмотри на потолок и загадай желание, то что ты хочешь получить, и сосчитай то 5. Потом загляни под стол, и это обязательно появится

  • mafocm

    this game ssucksssssssssssssssssss ii kant kill everyone

  • http://bored devynn

    you click it

    • jack

      clik what

  • http://bored Bmbmbmbmbmbmbm

    you click on it

  • http://bored Bmbmbmbmbmbmbm

    you press on it

    • Black death

      How do you kill all the guys

  • Bob

    this games is awesome!!!!!!

  • EpicFace

    i clicked the ice but nothing happend!

    • funnybunny 239

      because you are too click the oil and the oil spills creating the oil spill

      • ben

        i hate this game

  • dumb-dumd head

    what about the last 2 guys in the tents on the other island????

  • Pannick

    Beat it in 2 mins. Easy

    • jennah

      some one tell me how to do it i tried 90 times and i failed

    • austin

      how did you beat it plz tell

      • cooldude

        tell ur self dont u know its easy

      • Liza

        Noos’ teenteei milharess de vezees Zeraaer este joogo maais é difiicil … algueem pod me faalar coomo zeerar ?

  • wierdo

    whats your problem whats your willy

  • teddygummyybear

    i did it in 32.66 wooohoooo :D

  • Cenationer 54

    what about the three on the other glacier i clicked the green button and 1 dude came out and fell into a hole how do you get the other three??

  • kreilein34

    !!!i cant kill every1

  • Brad pit

    dreadexile lier

  • Hashim Shah

    What The Hell I Cant Play That’s So Stupid

    • beeas

      that is a bad word

      • alex_9823

        ooooh the baby dont like bad words

        • josh

          how about u shut up alex and leave the kid alone if he thinks that is a bad word then thats his opinyen dont take the mick

        • sorstunt1

          yeh hes a baby alrite

          • Izabella

            dude chill out

  • Hashim Shah


  • dieder frew

    click on the oil barrel next to the guy with the lasers then click on the wallet that the pilot drop and the guy will go and pick it up and chop off his head and when the guy in the helicopter goes up u click on the crate and it will fall and the guy with the lasers will burn to death then a orca will come and try to get they helicopter then u click on it again when the orca is coming u click on the machine and the man will go to the other side u click on the broken ed ice he will trip and fall on the acid and die then u click on the big machine.

    • http://enternet tony

      I can not get it

    • JO

      u dont say the ending

    • stickslash22

      thanks dieder frew guys go down till u see dieder ferw it really works i just beat it now

  • anoymous

    its so stupid i cant do it!!!!

    • savannah

      this is my first time

    • Greg Dick

      Quit Bitching Damn

  • anoymous

    i try it doesnt work wat do i do?

  • HSL

    Every time I click anything, a guy gets in the helicopter and leaves and then it says I lose?!?!! WTF

    • pat

      click the crate then itt drops he goes for it the click the whale or shark w.e it is to eat the helli

      • dieder frew

        wat the duck

        • ben

          you people suck

      • lo

        First click the oil,when you drop the crate it kills the guy with the lasers.

    • dieder frew

      you got to click on the wallet

    • Jennifer

      You have to click the oil and then the crate :P

      • superman 27

        this suckssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

        • dawson

          spiderman u just got to find the right thing to do at the right time i had trouble with it to u just got to keep trying

          • the boss

            i didnt think it was hard it was eeeeaaaassyy its just that u guy s suck hahehahe u realllllyy doo except dieder frew he gets it but u guys dont case you guys suck

  • http://mihai mihai

    it is super good game

    • zomb1ek1d28

      how do u kill the dude in the helicopter

      • robbin

        i dont know this is hard

      • chris

        you have to click the box when it is in the air to make him go back to get the box. when he is above the water click on the helicopter than an killer whale will trie to kill him

        • whassup


          • whassup


  • abtasde gora

    part 1 you have to click the laser so that guy will think its done and he will get burned

  • dreadexile

    1. click the oil barrel closest to the edge 2. click the wallet that the pilot drops, the other guy will walk over click it again and he will pick it up, dead 3. click the machine on the other island he will walk over 4. click the crate under the helicopter when he lifts off it will drop in the oil spill 5. click the crack in the ice buy the acid barrel when the guy from the second island climbs up 6. click the helicopter to keep it from getting pulled down from the whale 7. click the red button

    • ksc

      how do you break the ice ?

    • joe

      what about the other thhree guys on the mini island

      • Gabriel

        6. click the helicopter to keep it from getting pulled down from the whale

        when the whale is near you click in the helicopter.

    • thebogthing5000

      how do u kill the guys in the two tents?

      • ian

        u guys how the hell do u make the acid f****** spill on the guy before he goes 2 hq and u lose

        • monsterman

          how do you kill the guy in the helicopter

        • Ethan

          Lan i’m your friend and how do you stop any dude thats escapeing?