Stick Save 3 Secret Agent Walkthrough

Welcome to the Stick Save 3 Secret Agent Walkthrough Guide!

Warning! Secret Agents will not be saved so easily! Use precise timing and use of objects (including the Past Game Reference x3)

If you need help solving the new Stick Save 3, talk about the walkthrough, hints, tips and more in the comments below! Can you save all the stickmen? Good luck!

Can you create the best guide to solve Stick Save 3? The Solution Video is coming soon. Stay tuned.

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  • grace

    omg! the game is soo easy! it was hard at first but then it was really easy!!

  • Philip

    This game sucks hard -.-’!!!! Rage quit :)

    • Sebastian

      This game freakin sucks I’d rather play bash the computer wait i think i already am

      • Sebastian

        This game terribly i recomend not playing it

  • ana gray

    i hate this game

    • sam

      me too i hate hate hate it

  • yourmom

    This game sucked

    • YOUR FACE!

      With a capital S.

  • Zion

    I’m having so much trouble in stick save 3.

    • tay

      yes me too

      • diether

        me too

        • david

          on the one at the very right click on there blue straps quickly or the sore will make one see his death i just thought i might help you

        • Non

          And Me Too

    • zions gay

      its so easy

  • Jeff

    For the first Level:
    1. On the right most screen(u facing the screen), with stickman(on the right), first click on the left blue strip on the hand(the one close to the center) and then click the right blue strip on the other hand of the stickman. Do the same with the stickman on the left side starting with the blue strip near the center. after freed they both will leave.
    2. Now for the center screen, this is a little tricky. Press the Past Game Reference, and small package will fly from the right side. Quickly click on the hanging stickman(click near the head and neck) just before the package fly pass him. he will kick it into the water. Do this 3 time till the water change to a green gelatin. if you miss one then the package will go to the other screen and you will lose. After that click on the bird on the building, it will explode and stickman will fall onto the gelatin.
    3. now for the last screen, all you need to do is click on the left cloud and center cloud in the center screen and the hand of god will appear and save the two stickman trap by the lasers.

    For the last level: it easy
    1. Click the passenger seat of the first car and a spring will pop out. then click it again and the driver will take the spring.
    2. then on the car behind, click on the back seat and the stickman of the first car will jump to the back of the second car and you win…

    • Oliver12345

      I need the video!

    • sasa


    • Sup

      That’s not true.. the driver dies :S HELP! :(

    • UnknownGamer

      WTH why wont the guy above the shark kick the package? I click his head and he only kicks it once or twice.

    • Non

      It Not True Because In The Center Of The First Level
      When I Click Near The Head And The Neck
      The Hanging Stickman Did Not Kick The Package

      • Non

        Why The Hanging Stickman Did Not Kick The Package

  • jordan

    please help i just can’t do the one where there is laser beams.also if you help me i will help you on something honest.

  • selina

    how the hell do i beat this i got the one with wht pplz looked up with tht saw or some thing but the gyt with the chain and shark thti cant beat and the other one with the red lines on the floor this is DAM hard

  • daniel serna

    miren en el primer nivel, lo que deben de hacer es en la pantalla de la derecha darle click a la llave y luego a las cosas que les cogen los brazos a los stickman, del centro hacia afuera y comenzando por el stickman de la derecha, en la pantalla del centro es darle click a lo de past game reference o lo que diga y va a salir un sobre, cuando el sobre pase por el medio de las piernas del que esta colgado le das click aunque es medjor darle desde que sale el sobre volando, asi 3 veces hasta cuando el agua se convierta en gelatina luego le das click a la paloma y esperas que explote luego le das click a la nube de la izquierda arriba que se quita y luego le das click por toda el cielo de la pantalla del centro hasta que salga una mano y ya.
    En el segundo nivel le das click al asiento de al derecha del stickman solo para que salga un resorte luego le das click al lado donde sale la señal con el letrero eso va a causar que el letrero salga volando y cuando le vaya a pegar al stickman del carro le das click al resorte, el lo coje lo guarda y se salva luego sale un cerdo superpoderoso le das click y ya.

    Now in English, with google traductor:
    look at the first level, which should make it in the right screen just click on the key and then the things that catch the stickman’s arms, from the center outward, starting with the stickman on the right, in the center screen is just click on the reference of past game or what you say and will leave an envelope when the envelope passes through the middle of the legs that hang here although you give him medjor since leaving the about flying, so 3 times until the water becomes gelatin after you give the dove here and hope you give it to explode then click the top left cloud is removed and then click to give the entire sky center screen until a hand already.
    At the second level you give it to click the right seat stickman come out just to give him a spring then click the side where the signal leaves the sign that will cause the sign go flying and when I go to hit the stickman you give the car click on the spring, it grabs and keeps it safe after a pig out super-click and you give him.

    • tony

      some one help me on the first level i cant beat it

      • paulina

        how is it soooo hard peeps u just get one of the people on the laser 2 have sex with the fish duhh

    • as


    • Non

      Thank You Very Much,You Been Very Helpful

  • kaelyn

    will some one help me i cant figure out any of them

  • katy cheeseman

    has anyone got to level 2 cuz i cant get past level 2

    • HateThisGame

      1) click on passengerseat in blue car. A spring should pop out.
      2) Click on driver of blue car until the spring disappeears. When the white sign goes by, click on it.
      3) Click on the back seat of the red car! Quick!

      Why? 2- when you click on the guy, he takes the spring. And then when you click on the back seat, he SPRINGS back there to avoid the chunk of whatever flying at him. :)

  • woot84

    then you clikc the flying creature, and he grabs it and then light it on fire…. then click the bomb and he throws it blocking the bomb

  • woot84

    then at the end, theres a sign… click it and it knocks the gun out of the guys hand…. then click the guy driving the blue car and he ducks…. then im stuck…

  • as

    lenguaje spanish: fallo en el juego

    • paulina

      esta bien también yo

  • alex

    OK I GOT THE 1ST WINDOW! after you save the guy in the second window click the cloud in the middle 1st the click the cloud on the left! your welcome!

  • alex

    ok i got thr second window click on past game reference then when the jellow comes between the guys legs click the jellow and you have to do that 3 times after you did that 3 time click the bird but DONT press the guy on the chain or the shark will eat you

    • jcazares1

      What jellow and which guys leg

    • Lol

      Its so annoying with a mouse pad instead of a regular mouse

  • alex

    ok i got the third window just click on the guys arms

  • rooshan


  • Daniel

    anyone done it yet

  • khirusage7

    i can’t do it and im usually good at this sorta stuff

  • JayAnon

    Okay Right Window Key and arm cuffes one by one

    • JayAnon

      This is so hard cant get Passed the next two windows the brd moves and explodes i clicked through the whole indow nothin happend …

  • JayAnon

    WTF I get the Key and thats it …

  • ty

    help me

  • miki459

    this is very very hard need help

  • rooshan

    i keep losing 3 comment

  • rooshan

    how can i play without the walkthrouh

  • JackoWacko1999

    Wow this is hard!!! 1st Comment

    • paulina

      i know dude u wnna chat

    • grace

      its soo easy!!! i passes 1 and 2 levels and which level r u on 1 or 2?