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Use the COMMENTS SECTION to leave ideas, thoughts, rambles and more. We review all comments and will do our best to develop as many of ideas as possible. Approved suggestions will be created over the year…Keep checking Games to see if yours appears (one day it just might) ;)

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Also read...

  • pleed on ur knees

    have a guy in a space shudle in space then a light runs out and he goes out into spacein a astronought suit and thinks the sun is a light bulb then he goes to grab it and he lights himself on fire

  • chayce

    i think u should have a gigantic water fountain where all these stick men dress up and live and 1 big tuff stick man with a scar and red eyes. then sees a big dog and goldfish and he gets a gun and say’s bye bye daddy in a girl voice then shoots himself

  • Dannyboy888

    Or If Some Guy Is So Crazy He Chucks A Bomb In The Sky And It Blew Up 6 Houses Then He Runs And He Leaps Into A Portal And A Dinisar Eats Him

  • Dannyboy888

    Make A Guy Walking To His Car But He Cant Find His Key So He Freaks Out And Runs To The Grand Canyon And He Leaps Off A Cliff That Will Be Cool

  • Me

    You should have an animation where there’s a guy on his computer, then a mouse clicks the computer and the guy gets electrocuted, but while he’s being electrocuted another guy walks into the room and a causality exclamation mark appears over his head.

  • Brian

    A stick figure killing Justin Bieber!

  • Emily

    Idea 1:

    Ok, my idea is a guy is playing a Electric guitar and starts playing it really loud and the people watching heads explode!

    idea 2:

    there is a guy in a dog suit sitting on the floor in the sitting room, and his roommate comes in and says something like “oh hey frank-” his roommate pulls a scared face and begins backing out the room saying something like “oh, oh your busy, i’ll see you later”

  • yummy yummy in my tummy

    :) :) :) :) :) (:(:(:(:(:(:::(:(:(:(::(:(

  • tinna

    i think you should do a strong man caring a 1000 million tons weight and then a feather drops on him from a bird and then the man falls down and the ladies laugh at him

    • andrew

      i think your is the best and the funniest

  • Katie

    I think you should animate someone sticking their finger in electric socket. In 7 seconds the blow up and their head pops off. The person waves just before blowing up, and their head lands as the O in bored.

  • latiefah

    make a car an the girl walking an the car hits her

  • Annoying Orange

    U Should Have a guy With A book, Then A Stick of explosive Cheese Rolls To His Feet, Then he eats It, And It Explodes (small) And The Book Smashes Onto His FeeT.

  • applepie

    there is a man who is finding a ghost. He’s finding it anywhere but he couldn’t find it . He spins and spins and his eyes turned in circle . His eyes looks like hypnotized. Then someone touched him. And it was the owner of the house holding a flashlight but accidentally put it up to it’s face and he thought that was the ghost so he suddenly dies. (Just an idea ..)

  • Sara

    The easter bunny “lays” an egg – the egg explodes and kills the bunny – happy easter^^

  • jayden

    have a stickman by a pool but an ocdopuss comes out pulls him in eats and burps out his bones

    • Tyler

      you have no creativity

  • Taylor

    You should have a stick firgure waiting for toast to pop, but the toast gets stuck so he grabs a knife and stabs it straight into the toaster then he electricutes himself. :)

  • bigfish45

    How about a UFO picks up a person, but then falls.

  • TheQuestion

    a kids watching a 3d movie called ‘the evil tenticales’ and its supposed to be realistic but the kid says its not then tenticales come out of the tv pull jim in and he says wow that realistic then he gets eaten

  • srsampt

    This is my idea. Make a guy jump roping in a gym and there’s a fan above him. Just as he going to try a new move the jump rope gets caught in the fan and he goes flying against the wall. Dead.

  • Mya Huskins Mc.Donald

    A kid wacthing TV eating a banna and then King Kong comes out of the TV and takes his banna and goes back inside the TV leaving the kid really confused

  • Emb0505

    I’m not sure if you already have this one. but…..
    There should be a stickman, who’s trying to cross the street. The first time he tries, he just barley steps out into the road, when a van comes speeding by. The second try, he does the same thing, but this time a semi speeds by. The third time, he looks both ways a couple time, and sees nothing, When he crosses the street, a bus drops out of the sky crushing him! Hope my idea is good, Thanks!

  • andrew

    a kid and two ants then the kid smashes 1 ant then the other ant grows 10 times bigger than his other size than smashes the kid than eats him, then turns to his original size then blows up.

  • awesomeideas


  • andrew

    you should make a kid and two ants on the ground so the kid smashes the ant, then the ants friend grown 10 times taller than the kid then smashes him then eats him, then grows to his original size then has a fat belly then blows up

  • oli

    There should be a one where a man is on a treadmill but stops to pose for a photo so he gets smashed into the wall

  • oli

    I think he should shoot himself

  • gravlin813

    justin beiber should be killed by a ninja.but the ninja is a spider and the spider says baby baby baby you are dead and will never live again

  • death




  • elizabeth