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Use the COMMENTS SECTION to leave ideas, thoughts, rambles and more. We review all comments and will do our best to develop as many of ideas as possible. Approved suggestions will be created over the year…Keep checking Games to see if yours appears (one day it just might) ;)

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Also read...

  • raja

    a man and a shark but the man eats the shark

    • andrew

      sounds kinda good

    • hadiT99


  • brandon

    theirs two footballers one kicks the ball witch is the sybol the other one trys two head it but his head falls of and is replaced by the ball

  • karen chapman

    I love cats. So anything with cats would be great. now i was thinking. A cat or even a dog that tears up the house, by knocking vases over lamps, trash, books, plants, but then has to clean everything up before his owner arives home from work. maybe have the cat next door help if needed. team work!

  • Kat

    A fat stick man jumps off a really high diving board and face plants the floor and dies.

  • andrew

    a clueless guy is walking on a sidewalk and sees a rabbit. he screams and faints

  • andrew

    a cop is having a shooting practice and shoots the target and it bounces off it and kills him

  • person

    I think there should be a stick-man playing a computer game, with his/her eyes bugging out because they are so bored. then a random person jumps out of the screen. The original stickman jumps back in suprise and splats on the floor. The stickman than jumped out of the screen laughs so hard he/she explodes.

  • andrew

    two cats are beating up each other by punching them and a dog comes in and the cats beat up the dog by kicking, biting, and punching

  • andrew

    a famous guy singer is on stage and a bunch on girls who are friends pull him off the stage a tear him limd by limb and his head rolls away and then the girls chase it

  • andrew

    a giant goes up to a midget and the midget shoots the giant in the leg then the giant throws the midget at the screen and breaks the screen

  • andrew

    you have a little stick figure shaking a soda and a older guy wants the pop so he takes the pop and opens it and it makes the older guy’s head fall off and the little stick figure giggles and walks away

  • andrew

    you guy should put a zombie and a line of people then the zombie bites one and it is a never ending line of people who are biting on another

  • LImmbizkit

    my idea is a sapling that who planted in a stick man he stepped on the sapling and the tree grow and the stick man was bursted off the screen by unfit on the tree and my 2nd idea is a stick man was singing a song with a guitar that something came out and killed the stick man and the vampire stick man laughs and the vampire stick man exploded

  • voldemortie

    A meteor crashes and a pink alien with a potato comes out of it. the alien flashes green then disappears. the person pokes the potato and then the stick man explodes

  • connor

    A tree home then a man comes along with a chancsor and chop it down in the tree is 6 men and 7 pigs the tree gets choped down and the men gets killed and the pigs get all there guts out.

  • crankslide103

    there will be a stick man and a basketball he will throw the ball on the wall three times on the 3rd time the ball will hit his head and the ball will take the place of his head and he will play with his head like the ball and he will throw the head on the wall!!

  • trenton

    ok theres this pool,a guy pees in it,someone drounds,thenthe attack the guy who peed in the pool

  • chloe

    a stick man with a beard with something sticking out of it a younger stick man pulls it and the older one pop into a stick and falls on the younger one

  • brett

    i also think lil’wayne should be fighting a dragon and two midgets walk up hit him where it hurts and then eminem comes and saves the day

  • brett

    i think a blind man should have an ak-47 and he shoots errywon

  • Maureen

    The life of a princess.

    • Ricky

      THAT IS CREEPY YOU WEIRDO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Imogen

    I think that you should have a stick man on a unicorn going over a rainbow. Then the unicorn starts flying into the sun and they both die!

  • otterman

    a stickman shoots at some metal and it comes back and kills him and then a stickman pops out and falls off a clif

  • otterman

    make a stikman go in battle whth a kangaroo and in the kangaroos puch theres wepons and he kills the stickman with one and then the kangarro laugh and walks away

  • Taniya

    You Should Have a stick Figure that is jumping on a glass table

    • Ricky

      You should also put what happens after like maype he breaks and the table gets bloody instead of the table breaking and the guy getting bloody

  • ale

    a man finds a dinosaur of his size, he takes a sub-automatic weapon and kills him, is another who happens to be the father who is 5 times more and eats up the legs that fall to the ground spilling blood

  • percy

    I think there should be a guy on his computer, then he gets mad and he throws the mouse at the computer. Then the computer throws the mouse back at him. :D

    • Taniya

      wow good

      • Ricky

        I think it is too!

        • Ricky

          P.S how does the computer throw it back with hands or mind powers or what?

    • hadiT99

      one of the best ideas!


  • Morel101

    why dont a stick figure says to another hey are you bored.And then he says yes then the other other guy says go to and then thee bored face squises them please make it

  • raja

    a man goes for a swim in the ocean and a shark eats him

    • Ricky

      that is good but you should come up with some thing a little more creative

  • raja

    a man going for a swim an an shark comes and eat him

    • Ricky