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(UPDATE: WE HAVE STARTED WORKING ON SOME OF THE IDEAS! Keep them coming…) has a new Animations category! Watch short clips and have fun!

Use the COMMENTS SECTION to leave ideas, thoughts, rambles and more. We review all comments and will do our best to develop as many of ideas as possible. Approved suggestions will be created over the year…Keep checking Games to see if yours appears (one day it just might) ;)

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Need ideas? Check out the first part of the Buddys Animations! Click the image below.

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Also read...

  • Nikole

    Make an animation the has a bunch of bieber haters attacking justin bieber.

  • angelhaley99

    make it show a stickman just standing there and get stepped on by a giant the the giant get stepped on by a bigger giant but the biggest giant has a toothpick in his mouth and laughs

  • John

    I think that you should make a animation that has a person that eats people. In order to eat someone though, you have to kill them. That sounds like some of the animations now, but in the ones now you don’t eat the person. You should have random ways to kill the person then have random ways to cook them or you could just start cooking it raw.

  • get bent

    u should have a boy walking in to mc donalds and gets one chip and explodes

  • MrMaxi598

    Hey can you make a stickman playing football when come a stickman playing football and ride a bike and the normal footballer run to he with the pistol and he kill mistake himself and the foot-biker jump on he. :D

  • beth

    you should do a hunger games intro

  • niamh

    you should get a stickman and he uses his head as a basketball then the stickman wins and then dies !

  • Master_Ideas101

    you should have a stick figure using the bathroom and then he gets up like he is finished and flushes and the toilet explodes and splat

  • kingmorgan

    i think there shod be a little bird and says twat twat to a man and the man runs back home then the man comes back with the army and the little bird gets a gun out and puts it to his head(the little birds head)and he kills him self he he

  • taylor

    I think there should be a stickman riding a horse. Then the horse rolls over leaving the stickman crushed on the floor lying in a pool of his own blood.

  • ami

    ok, so theres a person in a bear suit. and then a bear in a person suit walks up the bear suit person says “grr” then the real bear in the person suit rips off his costume and eats the real preson


    I think that there should be0 two stick men walking along. Then there should be a penny on the floor. One of the stick men bends over to pick it up and the other stick man pulls a lever which the bent over man didn’t see. Then the bent over man will fall down a hole and get eaten by crocodiles down there. THE END

  • Dallas

    Make one where a guy is in a 20 story building thats on fire and he jumps out the window and lands in the bed of a truck

  • Phin. & F.

    make a stickman looking at his comp. after that he saw something then he stands up grabbed a mallet and destroyed the computer then he pours gasoline all over it and burns the destroyed comp. then he grabbed a gun and killed himself!

  • Ceci G.

    well my idea is there is a button on the wall and a sign that says do not press then a stick figure comes up and looks at the button then the sign and then presses the button nothing happens for awhile then a ninga falls fro the top of the screen with a knife and cuts of the stick figures head of and jumps back up and thats my idea.

  • adam

    u could have a guy jumping a canion in a car and the an eagle comes and swoupes the car

  • Sani

    A skinny guy vs. a fat guy racing to…..the toilet and after a dinner. The Fat guy wins the race and stays on the toilet for 6 days and dies because he was conctipated

  • gmm

    A figure in a dark green t-shirt that says “I’m a pine tree,” who then gets hacked to bits with an axe.

  • angelina+michael

    make a stick figure thow a basckit ball in a hoop and when its half way there make it come back to its face in fireey flames and make there be blood when it hits the face

  • ruben

    a guy is at the top of the empire state building and then somebody throws a banana peel and then the man falls on aatomic bomb that just exploded when he fell.

  • yousifdead2

    my idea a stickmans girlfriend talks alot so he picks a gun kill her then himself then in heaven he sees her everywhere then he screams

  • blood sinister

    3 stick figures in a room with a justin bieber song on the radio and their heads exploding


    u could do a guy bouncing a ball off a wall but he doesnt no its a bomb and he accidently swallows it and blows up :)

  • noah

    make a nuke drop on a person and the nuke makes a fart noise and then chokes on poisnes gas

  • isdigit

    make a guy and girl kiss and flowers e nas flowers tem uma abelha ela fica gigante e come os dois

  • Hayli

    I think you should do a man blowing a bubble and the bubble pops after getting to big and it splats on his face and he suffocates!!

  • J DOG

    how about they show a man running and running then he falls of a clif and land on pointy rocks then a bunce of cats/dogs come running then they all laugh like hiennas

  • Faith

    here’s my idea: a scientist drops some liquid onto some cheese with an eyedropper, walks away, a mouse sees the cheese, eats it, then a cat sees the mouse, the cat grabs the mouse, pulls it closer and closer to its mouth, when the mouse is almost in the cats mouth, the mouse turns into a dog and eats the cat.

  • AbidabidooAdair

    i think, there should be one were sonic, runs into a lampost :D

  • maria eduarda

    ameeiiii who is a love i have comentairy