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Use the COMMENTS SECTION to leave ideas, thoughts, rambles and more. We review all comments and will do our best to develop as many of ideas as possible. Approved suggestions will be created over the year…Keep checking Games to see if yours appears (one day it just might) ;)

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Also read...

  • ThEycAlLMBeTh

    i think you should have a tall pencil laughing at a normal sized pencil, then the normal pencil gets angry so it throws the tall pencil into an electronic pencil sharpener and makes it a small pencil

  • man guy

    a fisherman is fishing and caches a shark and the shark eats the fisherman

    • man guy


    • man guy

      a kid is playing on a computer and a monster comes in back of the kid. the kid starts beeting up the monster(with the computer). (+:

  • man guy

    a fighting teacher beats up a kid on his first try

  • aycan

    mose vs 100 police=mouse winer

  • beanie

    j’adore! i think n lol

  • amyris

    one of the bored guys is sitting on a couch, upside down and then he gets a lightbulb over his head and has an idea then goes on his computer to

  • Prithivi

    There are a lot of people scientists a room.
    An assasin sneaks in and kills all of them with his machine gun. He says”Now who is left!” and shoots himself!.

  • Prithivi

    A robber tries to rob a bank. He shows his rubber knife with a bored logo on it. The Clerk also shows a gun .The robber puts his hands up. The clerk shoots and a stick with a flag with a bored logo on it comes out.

  • Jay

    I think you should do one where the guy is spray painting a lion and when hes done the lion comes out and kills the guy!

  • ecossembot

    here’s one for a stickman..
    - walks into centre of screen…
    click on a hot little stick girl who knees stickman in the nuts over and over and over etc until stickman is kicked into two pieces ! aWeSoMe sexy torture *wink *wink
    pweeeeease somebody do this ! x

  • Shane

    You should have a stick figure just kicking a can then he see’s a store hiring but then when he walks in he has difficulties with getting in the sliding doors so all he did is got an Axe and started running with it then he got hit by a truck while he was running across the street.

  • Jacob

    here’s my idea: a guy is cleaning a giant bell that’s on top of a bell tower. another guy rings it and scares the first guy off the tower. the bell cleaner lands on a trampoline and bounces back to the top of the tower and falls head first into the bell and scares the 2nd guy off the tower and the 2nd guy lands in a dumpster and the lid shuts. there’s a lit bomb in the dumpster. the 2nd guy sees it and says “OMG” and then BOOM! the bomb explodes and then blood comes oozing out the dumpster.

  • Layne


  • Laurenxx

    I think a dog is wondering about and sees a kid with icecream and jumps on the kid and eats the kid instead :)

  • Bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OKay so like i have one here it is: So a guy is a hunter, and then after he tries to shoot, the bird picks up the gun, and shoots it at the man instead

  • Joana

    que de repente salga troll face y unos cuantos los vean y se conviertan en troll face y mueran jajaajaajaaj

  • CODude

    I think there should be four people in the woods, and then one tree with written on it in red should come down and kill the four people.

    Then the logo comes up aswell.

  • tony

    i’ve a suggestion. Peter Griffin from Family Guywalks into a bathroom. Elmo gets out of the shower and screams. Peter says “Uh-oh!” then poops out the word

  • kaydenece

    you should draw the troll guy singing trolololo

  • jenna-j

    you should do one where there is this guy and hes on the computer and he types in and a huge hand comes and punches him and it says

    • joyceecos

      I I—————I I
      I I I I
      I I I I
      I I I I
      I I I I
      I I I I
      I———– I—————I I————

  • daniel chavira

    a stick man swimming in the beach and aa litle shark ates him and a medium shark ate him and the big shark ates the medium shark

  • daniel chavira

    make a man in the beach and a big shark eats he and a other big shark eats the other shark and a other big shaark ate the shark

  • cool cat

    ok so a guy is on a computer playing casulty 3 then a mouse from the computer clicks the n aff button of the computer, the guy and the computer blows up. Then the screen zooms out and you see another guy playing casulty 3 (the guy who killded the other guy by the computer) So really the first guy is the casulty 3 game but he doesnt know it!
    :D :P
    i hope you understand it becasue it is confusing

  • PEEP

    you should make a guy playing a computer game, he is so focused with the game that a ghost or a monster comes on the screen and he jumps with his chair and falls out of the window. the end

  • Kate

    You should make a game were a car comes and you have to try to get to the top of 5 cars on level one, 6 on level two, 7 on level three, 8 on level four, 9 on level five, and 10 on level six. Then at the end there’s a walkthrough video (autoplay) and then you can go to a different game (linked over the page). Thanks. Hope mine gets made!

  • Rhian

    I think there should be a fish who says “I’m a Cannibal” and eats another fish in the tank then dies because theres to much blood in the tank!

  • charlie

    two pencils standing nexto each other and then the tip breaks off of 1 and hits the oother 1 and it explodes! :) :) LOL

  • Jordan

    How about Sonic the Hedgehog kicking Thomas the Tank Engine.

  • sushi-gut

    there could be two guys one farts the other sniffs and explodes then the other turns around saying what the

  • Marco

    Yet another suggestion, because i’m bored:
    A suicidal stick man sitting on the ground with a gun to his own head, and another stick man walks in and shoots him.