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Use the COMMENTS SECTION to leave ideas, thoughts, rambles and more. We review all comments and will do our best to develop as many of ideas as possible. Approved suggestions will be created over the year…Keep checking Games to see if yours appears (one day it just might) ;)

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Also read...

  • naomi

    i think that a guy is walking then thunder starts then lightning strikes 3 times but on the 3rd time the lightning strikes the guy… hes dead now then the logo shows up :)

  • Josh

    I think you should have someone playin xbox360 and get mad at it and hits it, right after he hits it someone military guy should appear out of the xbox the shoot the guy in the head

  • Jimbo

    A big Dinosaur eating a BIGGER dinosaur

  • Kassidy

    You should have a old lady feeding pigieons and and homeless guys comes up and kills the pigieon and eats the bird feed, and looks at the old lady and takes the food, runs away, comes back and takes the pigien! It seems long but it really isnt!

  • Ross david Lough

    i think something like:

    a stickman bungee jumping of the empire state building and some troll cuts his cord and he headbuts another stickman on the ground

    would be quite cool and funny :D

  • shayan

    A man should go and suddenly a blade cuts him and he falls down after 3 secs

  • Pedro

    faz assim:

    vc esta jogando bola,aí aparece um disco voador e mata todo mundo.

  • malia

    you should make them dance do a bad dance move then they explode i think its a good idea

  • Chloe

    Maybe you could have a man walking his dog and then another dog comes along and kills the man.

  • Norma

    I’ma make this quick: Sneeze, snot forms the logo, head explodes

  • Miranda K. J.

    You should make a one where there is a magical unicorn and he runs onto a rainbow and gets his horn stuck in the BORED.COM Logo :)

  • connor

    a guy says i like trains and then gets ran over by a train

  • gordaniamus

    what about a zombie that tries to eat a fat lady and dies of diabetes

  • gordaniamus

    there should be a guy who tries to suicide along with killing a bunch of people but he only blows himself up
    (if that’s too dark i’ll come up with something else)

  • maca

    u can get a guy with a gun and when he is trying to shoot it it wont work so he decides to look in to the gun and then it shoots and he ends up killing himself

  • Donni

    You should have one where a girl stick is doing her makeup in a brodway mirror and she pulls out her eyebrow pencil and accidently sticks it in her nose and it gives her a nose bleed

  • coolguylikespie

    what about a guy going to his computer to go to (showing from behind) and gets smashed by a big toolbar

  • coolguylikespie

    you should show a guy farting, he laughs on the floor,
    and then chokes on the fart

  • Pclynn

    He then starts to scream, but it only comes out as a very quiet yell.

  • Pclynn

    A stick person is gonna be walking around and suddenly bump into a ‘invisible’ wall. He is confused, so he starts to walk the other way. After a second or two, he bumps into another invisible wall. He scratches his head, and suddenly, a big eye comes down, looking at this stick man. It will then zoom out, and you will see that he is stuck inside a snowglobe and he cant get out

  • Pclynn

    Have you ever seen the cartoons with the wolf dressing up as the sheep? Well, I think you should make that BACKWARDS! The sheep would dress up as a wolf, and sneak up on the wolf, then eat him.

  • lulukitty

    I think that they should have an animation where the stickman is laying down, watching tv, and the tv magically grows legs, and stomps on the stickman,then walks back and keeps playing the channel it was playing. Then a dude comes in, sits infront of the tv on a lazy-boy, then faints because he realizes that the other dude is dead. THE END!

  • Danielle

    How about a guy playing pacman then pacman comes thru the roof an they switch places

  • jerry7

    two sticks with lightsabers try and kill eachother the n they fly into the sky then in the sky the pic will turn around then it zooms out to see that there in a snowglobe that is in a stick wizards hands then they get thrown off a cliff then the wizard turns into a pig

  • Shane

    You should have a Penguin and a Polar Bear and then the Polar Bear tries to eat the Penguin but then the Polar Bear gets shot by the Polar Bear.

  • *****X*****

    Justin Bieber (stick figure with his hair)walks into a bar and starts singing. soon, he is surrounded by haters. *black screen for a sec or two* Justin is thrown out of a 100 story building window and then run over by a truck \(^.^)/

    • Wil

      Y u be HATIN!

  • joyceecos

    heres my idea: a skateboarder building a ramp.he goes over to an electric saw and cuts a board to make a ramp but he leaves the saw on and he ramps the ramp and lands on the saw and his head goes straight into a inprinted cello case.

    Weird is’nt it? :)

  • joyceecos

    you should make a man showing off his bazooka and fires but he then relizes he aimed it backwards
    and blew up a nuclear factory and boom.

  • Janet

    Bored guy playing pool with another bored guy and one shoots at the rack and ball flies off and hits other in face, killing him.

  • mark

    i think it should be a person puts a decoy and a guy shoots the decoy but the real guy comes behind him and kills him