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Use the COMMENTS SECTION to leave ideas, thoughts, rambles and more. We review all comments and will do our best to develop as many of ideas as possible. Approved suggestions will be created over the year…Keep checking Games to see if yours appears (one day it just might) ;)

Enjoy classic flash animations like End of the World, schfiftyfive, Badger Badger Badger (MUSSHHROOM MUSSHOROOM), stickman killing and so many more on -> Click Here

Need ideas? Check out the first part of the Buddys Animations! Click the image below.

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Also read...

  • Jessela

    A stick man shredding some paper. then he gets pulled and shredded and he comes out like shredded…

  • Jessela

    a cat pooping on a litter box but instead the poop doesnt fall on the litterbox it falls on the carpet

  • Jessela

    do a stickman thats printing pictures of something (you choose what he is printing) then when its done it comes out alive and chases him

  • Jessela

    you should make a stickman thats drunk and walks out in the street almost got run over by cars but didnt then he walks through all kinds of obsticles that can kill him (you choose what obsticles) but he survives then when he comes home and he just explodes… and dies LOL

  • Jessela

    you should make a stick man shooting another stickman and the guy like explodes and hits the screen and like the screen is breaking

  • Jessela

    you should make a stick man barbecuing and the thing he is barbecuing explodes…

  • Jessela

    You should make a stick dude thats on the toilet reading a newspaper… then he realize that there is no more toilet paper.. and then some monster from the toilet pulls him in the toilet…. and it flushes.

  • Alexis

    make a guy where he is on top of a store roof yelling and walking when he kept walking he fell off and died

  • Alexis

    Make a stickman sharpening a pencil on a plug in one and then while he is sharpening it sucks him in and shots out body parts

  • Alexis

    Make a stick man sharpening a pencil then while he’s sharpening his pencil the sharpener sucks him in and shots out his body parts.

    • Adreyn

      you said that one 2 times.

  • Amber

    You Should Have A Very Old Billboard, which is rusty and half the screws have fell out, then the stickman leans up againts it and the billboard falls on top of him

  • sam

    I think that a stick man could be in the computer and a robber shoots him in his game!

  • luiz

    fazer um carinha com espada depois ele ir atacar um mago,cara ataca e tira a cabeca do mago,e sai espuma,ele nota que era um boneco,o verdadeiro mago e o ataca o mago lança um raio roxo que atravessa o cara e o faz desmaiar

    • Micah JH

      is that Spanish?

      • Adreyn

        i believe it is.

  • Keegan JH

    1:a blindfolded stick man holding a baseball bat swings to hit a pinata (shaped like a pig) but hits another stick man in the face.
    2: a stick man hits a punching bag but the bag swings back and hits him in the face and he backs into another one and that one swings back and hits him into the 1′st one then the 1′st one swings back and hits him into the 2′nd one… ect.

  • Micah JH

    I have 3 ideas:
    1: there should be an animation where a stick man opens a door and a pizza man (also a stick man) gives him a pizza box. the stick man closes the door, opens the box, and it explodes. once the flash from the explosion clears, the only remains of the stick man is a skull and some bones.
    2: have there be a stick man who draws a graffiti monster on a wall but the monster comes to life and eats him.
    3: a group of stick men see a mouse (computer arrow thing) kill one of them and start to attack it but it kills them off one by one (you choose how)

  • Anna

    two random guys sitting watchin telly,flickin through the channels when they gets to thiis weird one about dragons. one guy goes to get a snack and comes back and the dragon from tv is sittin on the couch and the other guy is in the tv. like it?

  • DJ

    make a awesome skateboard from out of nowhere appear in front of a stickman then it suddenly explodes and then he will go to the kennel and get a dog or a cat and then he drives his pet home stops at a bar drinks alot of alcohol then goes home and finds his pet dead and screams loudly then the guy next door comes in and shoots him then calls 999 then one police comes then finally a robber gets a Christmas cracker he stole on Christmas and the robber puts a bomb in it then the police and robber pulls the cracker then the police gets blown up then the robber takes officers clothes and pretends to be a police so he cant go to jail

    • Adreyn

      very violent!

  • kenny welch

    a guy and girl listen to lady gaga and just cant take anymore so they both blow their heads off with a shotgun

    • Alexis

      but they see still with there heads off

  • DJ


  • Caleb

    hey can you do a ideas about a guy falls off a shop

  • jenn

    ok so there is one kid and hes in a box and then hes like “Well at least no one killed me’ but then another stickman acedentlly hit a button that explodes and kills him and the dude in a box

  • kassandra


    • jenn


    • Micah JH

      ummmmm… no

    • Alexis

      thats gross

    • Adreyn

      no no no no.

    • Chessedog44

      Very Random

  • Poppy

    Ok so there are 2 tiers, The girl one is reading a book then the boy tiger asks for a kiss so then they are about to kiss then the boy tiger yawns and eats the girl tiger!

  • Ewan Whitwell

    Do Indiana Jones running away from a boulder.He hits the front of the screen and the boulder squishes him.

    • Micah JH

      That would be cool

    • Adreyn

      I would love to see that!

  • EUAN


    • Adreyn

      OMG! I WOULD DIE TO SEE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE PICK THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dani Sol

      Good one!!! :D

  • levi

    maybe you could have 2 dinosaurs fighting then a man from stick save walks past whistling then he stops looks at them then carrys on walking then the dino’s fight again

  • Charlotte

    i think there should be a a man dancing on top of a pile of cheese the a boulder falls from the sky and hits him in the head then he is fine the continues dancing and a tiny little sardine falls on his head and he explodes!!!!

  • starkiller

    A guy is depressed so goes to the store to buy some stress- release candles, and his house burns down because of the candles then the fireman says “IRONY!!!!!!!!!!”

  • kahtia

    a man with a sord and a another man and one of the men try to cut the other man but he thinks he misses but after a second his arms,head,and les silde of and he falls.

  • Bear.

    put a cloud with a face moving along then a piece of toast witha face floats up to the cloud saying “hello” and the cloud screams then POOF he dissapeared and the toast asks “did I do something wrong??”

    • Adreyn