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Also read...

  • secret

    theres an ambulance whichturns up at the hospital they operate on him and remove his head from his body he wakes up and as he has no lungs to breath with his head goes blue and turns into the blue face on the sighn

  • bob

    four men walk down a street and one man falls and hits his head of a pole the last three start laughing the laughed to much and died

  • Shahan

    You should have a guy fart and it stinks so much a guy next to him goes mad and smacks his face on the wall and the blood splatters eveywhere then u have to clean the screen and then it says bored .com that would be awesome :)

  • RJ

    two stick men standing and then one takes a katana and slashes the other

  • RJ

    a stick man standing and then anathor stickman comes and flush him with acid a he becomes a skeleton

  • Mitch

    someone robs a bank and then a sandwich falls on him and crushes him. (subtitle:DEATH BY SANDWICH)

  • robloxdude

    you should do one that one guy is gonna dive into a swimming pool but what he does,t know is that the pool is drained and the diving board1,000,0 yards away from earth and hopefuly he dies.

  • vivian

    the dude is teasing his teacher and the the teacher shoots him and leave the class :)

  • vivian

    have two stick people that is going to kiss and the girl stanbs him and leave with a next dude but the dude she stabs grab her and drag her to the ground and at the end there two flowers

  • ZSkellington

    One stick guy has pepper spray and is aiming at another stick guy and the first guy holding the pepper spray is holding it wrong and sprays himself then the other guy pulls out a katana and slices the head off the guy with pepper spray and then the guy with the katana gets sniped from a crane(machine not animal) and a phonex takes the sniper to the two dead guys and then he T-bags them

  • Rafael Fischer Bastos dos Santos

    vocês podiam fazer dois cegos brigando e dai um cara chega e fala “aposto 10 dolárs no que tem faca” dai os dois cegos saem correndo

  • Rafael Fischer Bastos dos Santos

    vocês podiam fazer um assim:um carinha fazendo coco e depois um monstro vem e puxa ele pela privada e depois saia um acido da privada e os pedaços do corpo do carina

  • treatwise

    chuck norris fly kicks a man and shoves a grenade in his throaght before getting a mcdonalds.

  • yehia

    a stickman is going to do a motorcycle stunt by jumping a shark and he goes up the ramp and goes very high up and hits a plane and falls in the shark tank and dies

  • Kendall

    I think a stickman should be riding on a bike and then trips on a stick and then falls off a bike rolls down a hill and falls off a cliff and lands on a mattress and then lands on a bed of needles!!:)

    • Kendall

      oh lands on the mattress and then falls onto the bed of needles!!:)

  • stikie

    The stickman looks out of the computer and taps on the glass. He’s distorted and odd looking.
    Next he walks off screen and drags in a couple ‘viruses’ and steps on them crushing them.
    He then exclaims ‘clean your computer once in a while would you!’ and walks off, the window goes fuzzy and turns off.

  • Morgan Yardley 3gls-nm4

    2 friends in a room:

    one of them shoots himself with a pistol. he lies on the floor.
    The other man shoots himself cos he cant live with out his friend.
    The man that killed himself first sit up and a speech bubble says “only kidding” the other man does not answer he just lies there. The first man has another speech bubble above his head saying ”Steve?”

    • Nessy

      thats great

    • yasmin

      cool love it!

  • Price

    A stick man plays socer and kick the ball and the ball blows up

  • hunter

    a man is unclogging a toilet with a plunger then he flushes it and he is still holding onto the plunger and he is sucked into the toilet

  • hunter

    a man is fishing and you know how you fling it behind you to cast it well the hook attaches to the back of his head and rips it off and then you see the fish eat his head

  • me

    tranformers taking over earth and then the bored head crush them

  • pussbooots

    Do you like it and i mean big Domino’s :D

    can’t wait lol

  • pussbooots

    Eh well i think there should be an elephant juggling then it farted on a domino then it fell on to another then there was a stickman standing between one and he fell down and the balls fell on his head then died

  • Shnaza

    a woman gos shopping the checkout man says ur five cents short then the laughs and say nope i got $5000!!

  • Bianca

    have a stick person, they are running from another one, and the one that is chasing the other one stops for a min and thinks that the other stick person was not chasing him anymore and he runs into a tree and falls off a cliff lands in a snake farm and then falls again and falls into super quick sand… that weird but, hopefully
    you put it into games

  • alexis

    how about ajustin boby with the bored .com face on he jet shoot by his own self and then the words come smashing down with a knife at the bottom


    Okay. Everyone heard of Katniss and I know it??? Well, stick figure Katniss walks in to the forest and sings: when i walk into the forest this is what i see gale shootin squirrels and there starin at me i got- then an lmfao guy comes in and shoots her while yelling THATS COPYRIGHTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yasmin

      (scoff) lmfao, hate it

  • Price

    a stick man goes in a time-machine and gets eaten by a T-Rex

  • Price

    A stickman walks up to a stickman on the roof and kick him then the stick man who got hit flys up and grab the other stick man in the head and push him of the 500000 ft and gets a face-plant and lands in hell

  • Jim

    Zombie eating human……………….Human eating zombie

    • redteardrop1004