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(UPDATE: WE HAVE STARTED WORKING ON SOME OF THE IDEAS! Keep them coming…) has a new Animations category! Watch short clips and have fun!

Use the COMMENTS SECTION to leave ideas, thoughts, rambles and more. We review all comments and will do our best to develop as many of ideas as possible. Approved suggestions will be created over the year…Keep checking Games to see if yours appears (one day it just might) ;)

Enjoy classic flash animations like End of the World, schfiftyfive, Badger Badger Badger (MUSSHHROOM MUSSHOROOM), stickman killing and so many more on -> Click Here

Need ideas? Check out the first part of the Buddys Animations! Click the image below.

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Also read...

  • zozoblinder

    You should make a woman whos walking her dog on a field of land mines. It shows her walking her dog, the the Bored logo, then the woman and her dog again, then BOOM, they get blown up!

  • Micah JH

    I sure hope that some of my ideas are good enough to get on

    • Jack

      Same here :)

  • Micah JH

    I sure hope that some of my ideas were good enough to get on : D

  • andy!!!

    have a bunch of stickmen line up in a row, and then zoom out to a huge stickman who rolls the face logo like a bowling ball and it crushes all the little stickman. email if mine makes it plz!

  • ravina

    you should do a stickman on his bike and he flips over a huge bump and flys in the air and lands into a pile of sords and his bike lands on top of him and pushes him down til he stops where that thing is that you hold.

  • ravina

    you shoulddo a stick man who isriding his bike and he flips over a huge bump and flips into the air and lands into a big pile of sords.


    i suggestion is hes gonna shot the stickman but he dodges but hes ram with the car now thats funny

  • lolzchop34

    my idea:the stickman walks in the street then he sees a spider eating the people then the bored head crashes the spider then the logo crashes everything

  • Rue

    Okay… A bunny is hopping and then sees a stop sign so he stops and then BORED.COM falls on him… ;D

  • fy8bgg

    You should do a 3 people waving on a sunny day and there’s a river so one slips and the sun drops on the person underneath the sun and the last person freaks out and runs and comes back then gets a knife and kills it’s self

  • Georgio

    you should put a stickman sucking a stick of glace. then he throws it. then a plane comes with on it and throws the glace back at him. then in blows up…

  • Nathan Bailey

    asdf movie 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 please

  • melody a big fan of J.B.

    you should have a flower shop and then their is a bees and then they get nectar of the bees and the bees are angry because you have get them away from the flowers then you are the one eaten by bees

  • Riley

    I think you should make one with some guy picking his nose, and then a really pretty girl walks by and shoves her fingers in his other nostril :)

  • Destine

    for an animation u should have a guy shooting a bear 5 times and the guy misses 5 times and the bear slices the guy in half and fall on the floor :3

  • coolude123

    you should have a guy is feeding his dog but the dog refuses to eat so the guy pulls out a pistol and shouts “EAT OR DIE!” then the dog gets a rifle and shoots his owner’s pines and munches his head and then he burps and it says

    • areuok

      yeah now thats a good one [=

  • Megan

    Before the person starts a game they should have like a bunch of people and you have to pick the odd man out and shoot him

  • Hangus

    i think you should like have the face (:s) and then a electric drill comes up and like everytime it spins ,the face gets more smiley until it gets so smiley it pops or something and then it goes back to the :s face again!

  • Micah JH

    this web site is awesome!

  • abby182

    you should take to rats fighting over a piece of cheese and then one pulls out a rat trap and puts the cheese on it then the other one tries to eat it then it kills him and the other rat grabs the cheese and laughs the end

  • Paulo

    A person walking this quiet park, a boy arrives and the person vomits

  • Chantelle B.

    make a stickman walking with an icecreem then another stickman walks in with a snyper and shoots at the icecreem in fals or explodes on stickman1s face and then the bored face apears right on the stckmans face, witch makes it seam like the sticman has :S <-that face

  • Anni

    It should be a old guy walking across the road and he trips over a rock then the lights go green so the cars run over him and his blood spells out “watch out im coming for u” then the blood disappears then comes back and spells “”

  • Сэмми

    Вы должны иметь скучающий парень. ходил на скале. Затем он падает с обрыва ……

  • abbey

    i think you should get a horse at full canter then make it run over a person

  • coolcon

    I think there should be a stick figure saying “Ahhh what a lovely day.” next to a cliff then this other stick figure comes running towards the one that said what a lovely day shouting “AM I ALIVE!?” then the other one says “No.” and the one that was shouting screams and jumps off the cliff.

  • Micah JH

    a stick man goes to a bank with a chainsaw. “give me all the money” he says in a word bubble. then tries to turn on the chainsaw, but it just makes a clicking sound. he has a ? over his head. then he looks back, and you see that the chainsaw wasn’t plugged in. he gets a sweat drop thing on his head and the security guards pull out their guns and point them at him.

    • coolude123


    • Riley

      Eh not that good… kinda stupid.

  • Delilah

    two girls have a fight one has a chainsaw other has a knife they strike at each other and then they are skeletons

  • kai

    u should have a crockodile in a bakerey and its is like I WANT A DONUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then the bakery owner who is a cow gives him a child in a baget

  • kai

    u shoud have a space ship with a man on the toilet inside and then the guy on the toilet is like OOH SH*T!!! ashe rememberes theres nobody stering the space ship so he crashes into the sun and as soon as that has happend the sun turns into the head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps my first idea