Boathouse Escape Walkthrough

Can you escape from this boathouse! If you need help, talk about guides, hints and more in the comments below! There are some tricky tasks you need to complete in order to win…Help fellow players out and leave some comments or create a step by step solution guide. Good luck!

Play Boathouse Escape and More Escape games -> Click Here!

The Boathouse Escape Solution Video is coming soon. Can you figure it out?

Have fun!

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  • Gawdimir

    Score 4237!! Oh yeah.. very cool game!

    • fabio

      because you is not lying. as it does to open the door of the house boat?

      • bells

        vc é burro vey, o cara deve estar rindo do seu ingles.

    • Uriel

      Thanks for the walkthrough. Having to guess the nrdaom combination of things to touch is really stupid in my opinion. How you figure this out on your own is beyond me. I regret wasting so much time trying to get 3 stars on all levels now.

    • Paulla

      Eu entrei na Casa peguei a chave do carro, tem que coloca o codigo 4321, mais não vai e que eu faço ?

  • sinan


  • Alex


  • Ashton

    All I know to start is you have to get the hammer that’s near the back of the car and go to the horse statue and click that blank plaque and use the hammer to bust it. Once you do that you’ll see a code and that code is what the tile puzzle by the door is. You have to move the tiles slowly and you can only move them one or two ways, which is frustrating on it’s own.

    • mickey

      i cant find the hammer

      • eRUP

        O martelo esta grudado na arvore

  • atticus

    how did you beat the puzzle outside!?!

  • moooky

    this is hard

  • Romero

    Ne morem nikakor premakniti barvne pike??

  • Anne

    Would have liked it but too many bugs with moving thins around……eg the tiles and the coloured dots. Maybe a problem with G Chorme

  • stephen

    how do you move the dots. i move the orange one but when i try to move the red one it only moves like a centimeter then goes back. wont let me move it anywhere????

  • Ragz

    So i’ve found the boat, a chain and a hook. Now what?

    • Ragz

      Escaped – 2307 Score!

      I’d tried to place the hook on that very spot like a thousand times already before it actually worked………

      • stran

        Escaped – Score: 3425

        • DemonEdge

          Score: 4386. Where does this score come from anyway?

          • igal

            6494 :)

  • Mike

    At the boathouse I dont know to move the numbers to 4321 like i get how to move them but i am always one numbr off on the moves…

    • Mike

      22 Min later lol I got it

    • NIJA

      how do you move them?

  • Ally Kay

    Can those of you that HAVE finished shed some light on the FULL walkthrough?????? PLEEZ?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! >:(

  • Star

    I cannot figure out the puzzle for the boat house.

  • Mauricio

    has anybody figured out the puzzle beside the door where the boat is?

  • Mauricio

    how do u move the colored dots

  • abbate

    finally finished!!

    • A

      How did you do in the boat house?

    • Ally Kay

      Will you help me then?? pleeeeeaaasssseeeee?? :(

    • meche

      wat do u do with the cloth?

  • Stephanie

    how do I get the 4th needle?

    • Van

      I need the fourth needle. Where is it?

  • bimbim

    how do u beat the puzzle outside the boathouse

  • Salwar Kameez

    Nice game and i would like to play this game in my future.
    salwar kameez

  • anne

    How do I beat the colored dot puzzle? I seriously can’t figure it out!!!!

  • De

    how do I move the numbers in the car? It wont work & there is nothing else I can see that can be done.

    • abbate

      you have to look at the book at the desk before you can move the numbers in the car.

  • RG

    I have the bronze plate and 4 needles. Can anybody tell what to do next please. I have been clicking for the last half hour.

    • Gjorgji

      put the bronze plate on a door and the needles on the plate and rotate them

    • love

      where are the needles need ur help

    • KELSE


      • Rosana

        Veja a sequência de cores no pêndulo do relógio e aplique no quadro acima e ao lado dele. vai liberar uma chave e esta será colocada no mostrador do relógio liberando a 4° agulha

        • sonia

          não vejo essa sequencia de cores me ajude.

  • Nayk P

    how do u move color dots??? i stucked there..

    • Mike

      look inthe bottom of the big ben clock

  • Linda

    puzzles are challenging… but fun

  • Keviola

    Anybody figured this stupid tile puzzle out yet?

    • cheesysmiles

      idk what to do! how do you do the puzzle?

      • De

        you have to move them slowly. The game is just tempermental.

    • Mike

      Look under the horse statue

    • lexy

      has any one got the last puzzle

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  • Japper


  • abbate

    the dots have to be released quickly where you want them

  • jennifer

    fun cool game

    • Cayo

      It was originally “see” so like ar-”see”-us and it was bteetr that way until the stupid movie came and made it like “arc” or “ark” so like “ark”-E-us.

  • Jennay

    Too hard to move tiles and the colored little dots, glitch or what?