Ghost Ship Escape Walkthrough

Can you prepare the Ghost Ship and escape to the high seas? If you need help, use comments below to create walkthrough guides, share tips and more.

Ghost Pirate Ship Escape Solution Video is coming soon!

Have you played BoatHouse Escape? Click Here to play now!

Have fun!

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  • eduardo

    eu naum consigo achar a chave

  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    were do u move the sliders?

  • wosey

    i dont understand what to do with the sliders :/ i keep moving them but nothing is happening – i dont understand what it has to do with the picture on the back wall :/ please help :)

  • vikie

    im confizled please help

  • none of your buisness

    how do you load cannon

  • pbj

    this is 4:12 pm

  • Ashton

    It will not let me let the sails down? I’ve placed the cable, and click everywhere on the wheel, but nothing happens and I can not move forward with anything!

  • Kristal

    To access the key behind the pictures, go to frames behind skeleton/man, see which ones are a lighter colour. Then put sliders above those pictures.

  • yo

    how do I move the slides?!?!?!?! I CAN’T!!!

    • Ashlee

      You open the cupboard by moving the white sliding things. To do that, slide the top two slides onto the outer parts and the bottom two slides onto the inner parts.

      Sorry, I’m not sure if that made sense? But I hope this helped!

  • yo


    • Ashton

      You can’t move the slides until you’ve gathered the skull and femar bone to put the skeleton together.

    • Ethan

      what are sliders how do you get them? and put them on?

  • editor

    1. get lever
    2. right, get bucket
    3. right, get powder horn, swab
    4. left, left, down, get rag, igniter
    5. combine swab and rag, bucket on floor
    6. swab floor, get bone
    7. left, get sabre, rope
    8. right, right, down, left, left, left, up
    9. up mast, get skull
    10. left, get wire, get hook (combine rope hook)
    11. right, down, left, left, left
    12. right, down, left, place skull and bone (check wall pattern)
    13. left, get spyglass zoom in
    14. move slides open cupboad, get key
    15. right, right, down, right
    16. use key, zoom, fill horn get balls, merge both
    17. back, left, down, right, use lever on gunnels
    18. load cannon
    19. right, up, use spyglass
    20. down, left, left, down, left
    21. use cable on wheel, pull sail down
    22. left, down, left, ignite cannon
    23. left, use hook on ship
    24. use saber on pirate, collect torch (bottom left)
    25. right, ignite torch, get axe
    26. left, break chain, zoom ignite barrels
    27. back, back, left, click hat!

    • yo

      How do I move the slides??

      • Sup

        Move arrow to the direction you want to go then click.. Editor #8? i can’t go down at the cage!

      • Ally Kay

        First ytou gottta put his bones in!

    • DEWR

      Are we playing the same game?
      The is no #8 From the wheel “Right, right, down” it takes me to the iron gate with nowhere to go but back left.

      • pbj

        go to the place were you go up from the ladder for example go down right right up then you are there and the skeleton head is behind the pole

    • neto

      como inflamar o canhã

    • Shandow Rowling

      The No.26,I can`t zoom…
      What should I do?