Candy Balance Walkthrough

Candy Balance Walkthrough Video will be posted in 24 Hours.

Good luck!

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  • Calob ta

    Why can’t it do the video

    • fried chicken

      I know right

      • fried chicken

        well maybe they for got to post it up

        • fried chicken

          I think you have to download it because if you read it carefully it says that it is coming out Feb 10, 2012. Did that pass all ready?

          • fried chicken

            and it is taged or something

          • fried chicken

            or you have to link it I don’t know

  • Riyadhian

    clear very interesting

  • Riyadhian

    clear in 2 hours very easy & interesting enjoyed this game but they should make more level much hard

  • norberto

    stucked in lvl 11 >.<

  • fried chicken

    That’s not far I’m stuck on level 7 and I need the walk though

    • norberto

      Level 17 is easy! Just put the blue ones in the middle, an then the white ones under them
      \ _ /

    • fl ja

      look at haley’ s at the bootam im on l. 17

      Flora James

    • fried chicken

      I finally got #7 woo hoo

    • fried chicken

      stuck on level 2 ): can someone please help

      • fried chicken

        opps I meant 12

        • moomoo

          i dont get level 12 either :(

          • moomoo

            level 12 is impossible

          • buttercupp1217

            i just beat level 12 you just have to hook the two orange one on the brown square and put the blue on top then the other orange one and then the red one

    • unicorn

      me too lol

  • celeste


  • augusto

    muy bueno este juego son todos putos

  • laci

    IM STUCK ON LVL 12!!!!!!

    • KIKI


      • fried chicken

        I know i can’t eather

  • Asura

    already level 34 in only 2 hours of game :3

  • milie

    how do you do lvl 7

    • hailey

      you take the red one and put it in the middle and then you take the triangle things and press a once and place it on the left and then take another one and press d 5 times and presss it on the right then put the long one on top

  • Buckaroo948

    who knows how to pass level eight?

    • victoria

      how do u egzacly do level 2???I might be a boly to do it dunno yet….

    • milie

      more like lvl 7

    • esa

      boooooooooooooooooooooo this game stinks

      • fried chicken

        Uggggg this game is awesome

    • hailey

      me to im stuck on it

    • fried chicken

      It’s easy

    • lovepuppy1234

      You take two reds push A twice and put them on the bottom. Then you take the long blue and yellow one and put that on top of them. Then repeat step one in the middle. Put the small one above them, and put the last red on the very top!

  • Chloe Boyd

    This game sucks it really sucks!!!!

    • Asura

      I totally disagree it rocks!

  • rabi jamil

    kuttay k bachhon tmhari maaa ka bhoosra angrezon bharwon lun jaisa game bnaya hai ye game tmhari maaa ka thoku b nai finish kr skta lund ki olaaaad

  • Onagi

    Why does it say the Walkthrough is coming within 24 hours when it’s not coming?!? There are other games too where it says the walkthough is coming soon and nothing is ever coming :(

    • laci

      i know… i can’t beat lvl 12!!!

      • alice

        neither can i

        • moggy

          nor me

          • fried chicken

            me neather

  • sselin

    finish with 25277 final score, hard game,, ._.

    • Asura

      I only get 15479 0.0

  • james

    very very nice game 16463 final scor at level 36, begains so hard and it just finishes smoothly

    • catstars

      how do get past lv 2

  • Yemmy

    Level 24 Is Well Hard! It’s Like Impossible

  • szymon

    ja jestem z polski i ta gra to nudy

    • milie

      i dont know but i do want to know how you do lvl 7

  • kikixx

    it very hard im stuk on 21

    • kikixx

      how did you pall lvl 10

      • kikixx

        oops i mean pass

  • saree

    I do remember that I got dead in 2nd stage and tried it again and again. Then finally i finished the the game

  • zubin

    why the hell the walkthrough doesnt post in 24 hours i m bloody stuck on level 21 pls help

  • catstars

    stuke on 2 how do i do it

  • fuuuuu…

    Whats the highscore?

    • fried chicken

      Your score when you finish the game

  • rich

    stuck on 16 :(

  • Erika

    Now I’m stuck on 20

  • Erika

    level 11: Orange boomerang pieces ( |_ )stand on the blue rectangle ( —- ) with open side to the inside

    |_ _|

    level 12: Two of the Orange pieces stand on a square with open side going outside, then other square, then other orange piece.

    _| |_
    | |

    • erika

      can do 1 for lvl 10 so fricken stuck

  • emily

    arghh. asdfghjkll, im stuck on level 11

    • dookie

      im stuck on leel 14

      • norberto

        With the orange pieces, make like a V, but without touch each other….Put the balls in the middle of them, both balls. And then, take the blue L and put in the top of the other orange piece. I will try to draw it:

        ^ o
        \ o/

  • monkey

    Ugggh I’m stuck on level 12

  • master shake

    sloppy seconds ooooooohhhhh yyyyeeeeeaaaaa!!!!!!
    just how i like it mmmmmmm!!!!! messy!!!!!!!

  • rondon

    yay very first comment!!!!!!! but seriuosly how do you do this

    • fried chicken

      Do what add more detail to what you are asking