Justin Bieber Dating Guide

How much do you know about Justin Bieber? Can you answer all the Bieber Date questions correct? If you can, you might just become his new girlfriend :) !

Check out the Justin Bieber Dating Guide to spark his interest-meter and for all the right answers! Have fun!

SCENE 1: You are walking on The Beach until…

Question 1: HI…
Correct Response: Hello! I’m your biggest fan!

Question 2: So you are a fan, huh?
Correct Response: Yes, I know everything about you! You were born in 1994

Question 3: Cool, you seem to know a lot about me! So what music do you like to listen to?
Correct Response: Pop

Question 4: I love listening music too! What’s your favorite song?
Correct Response: Baby

Question 5: Nice, Do you like pets?
Correct Response: Yes

Question 6: I like pets, do you have a favorite animal?
Correct Response: I like Snakes

Question 7: That’s great! So, if you know a lot about me… where was I born?
Correct Response: Canada

Question 8: Well…That was easy! Do you know in what city I was born in?
Correct Response: Ontario

Question 9: Wow, you know a lot about me! But how about you… you like video games?
Correct Response: Yeah, actually I’m playing one!

Question 10: I love video games; well I have to go to a meeting right now!
Correct Response: Can we meet again?


DATE 2 – Restaurant…Coming Soon! Use comments below to discuss correct answers.

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