Poke The Eye Walkthrough

Hey All! Here’s some cool tips for Poke the Eye!



Hand – OMG THIS HAND IS THE WORST. Get rid of it as soon as you can!

Needle – Good for the first 15 or so levels. Quick and small enough to get through obtacles.

ThumbTack – Stronger than the needle but might be harder to get through obstacles, it’s your choice

Hair – Weak, but because it is bent it has a big area to possibly hit the pupil.  Really good if you like those one-shot-kills.  It’s also fast enough to get through obstacle gaps.

JackHammer – So powerful, but slow. You have to be really pro to be able to get a lot of good hits in the later levels with this one, but once you do it does intense damage to the eye!

Sword – Fast, strong, thin. Definitely the best weapon!



Poke The Eye

Wait until you see a big gap in the obstacles to attempt a poke!  IF you just click a lot you’ll get really low amount of points!

Pupil shots are definitely the best, try to get those always!

Make sure to upgrade as you go through levels!  It’ll be very hard to get through a level if you have a bad poker.


My high score is level 46.  What can you get up to?


Play it now: http://www.bored.com/game/play/151973/

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