Celeb OlympSTICKS walkthrough

Here’s some sweet tips to help you out in the game!  Comment below with any you know!!

Running:Celeb OlympSTICKS

Click and drag the celebrity to the right. Best time wins.  Click and let go before the power meter runs out.  Keep celeb in the air so you don’t get stuck on the ground.


Grab the boxing glove and hit the opponent’s head as many times as you can!  Harder the hit = more points. Different strategies for this one.



Drag and let go of the ball to throw it. Get it in the hoop for points!  This one is pretty hard.  Its all about timing.  Try to shoot the ball underhand and give it a nice curve. Don’t let go too late or it’ll swing back at you!


Click, drag, and release on the arrow to aim and fire it. Hit the target for points!  Just drag towards the target!  Aim and shoot fast, get a lot of arrows in there!

Click and spin around the wheel to go faster! Get the best time to win!  Keep the mouse on the wheel and spin it with the wheel.. Keep increasing speed slowly so the bike doesn’t jerk and kick back!

Click on the celebrity and mouse your mouse and down. Complete laps for points!  Just do it fast.

Click the celebrity and spin. Release to throw. Throw it far for best points!  Get a really fast speed going and then let go just before you’re aimmed at the center.

Horse Racing:
Click and drag the horse and jump over the hurdles. Best time wins.  Similar to running, just keep dragging the characters.

Weight Lifting:
Click the weight the amount of times displayed, and then drag it off the celebrity. Most lifts wins.  Make sure to click the right amount of times and not knock over the celebrity when you drag the weight off.  Do it fast!

Drag the sword to hit the opponent as many times as you can without getting hit yourself.  Basically the same as boxing, harder hits = more points!


Click to play now:  http://www.bored.com/game/play/151947/Celeb_Teeth_Smasher.html


Comment below with any tips and tricks you find!


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