GTA5 Online Server Troubles + LCN/BAWSAQ Stock Tips

Everyone is excited about Grand Theft Auto Online being released finally! Sadly, with the overload of players slowing down the server to a near halt, for some the wait continues. Luckily this gives you time to plan out and test your stock strategies in GTA 5!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when trading stocks on the LCN/BAWSAQ both online and in GTA V story mode:

  • Listen to the radio, you’ll often hear tips about which stock you should buy next to cash out big.
  • Pay attention to missions stories, you could profit from buying a company’s stock before assassinating the competition’s CEO. Lester will be making money in the process, you should too!
  • When playing GTA Online there is no penalty for insider trading so let your friend’s know when you’re about to blow up that gas station.
  • Some traditional stock manipulation techniques don’t work, for example LCN and BAWSAQ don’t respond to pump and dump schemes.
  • Rockstar hinted that BAWSAQ may respond to the actions of other players in game, but this doesn’t mean their stock purchases alone influence price!

Get in to practice with some more hints for the story mode, scientists say if you follow all of these hints you will be a billionaire by the end of GTA 5!

  • Before doing “The Hotel Assassination” mission invest on all of your characters into Betta Pharmaceuticals. Sell after when it caps on the market.
  • After the 1st assassination, invest all of your money into AUG Augury Insurance. This stock will rise 100% near the last heist. Things like stolen cars from Devin Westin also cause the price to go up.
  • When doing the Lester Assassination missions, before  ”The Multi Target Assassination” mission invest all of your money on all characters into “DEB – Debonaire” and then sell when it peaks.
  • Debonaire’s competitor, “RWC Redwood” will tank after you complete the last mission. Buy this stock after you sell Debonaire stock and wait for it to return to near where it was for roughly a 300% increase on your money.
  • Before “The Vice Assassination” mission be sure to invest all of your money on all characters into “FRT-Fruit”. It’s competitor “FAC-Facade” will tank after the mission so buy up as much as possible after selling FRT and sell FAC when it returns to near normal.
  • After the  ”The Bus Assassination” invest your money into “VAP-Vapid” as it will tank then return to near normal. Of course sell it when it peaks!
  • Before “The Construction Assassination” mission buy “GCD-Gold Coast” then sell it when it peaks after the mission.
  • On the west coast (Great Ocean Highway) in Banham Canyon, right before Chumah you’ll find a guy that will start the “Great Ocean Highway Hitchhiker” mission for you. Before you start invest all of your money into “TNK-Tinkle” then after he makes it to the airport he will give you a stock tip (TNK, which you already bought) and it will instantly start to rise. This stock peaks at 33% increase and stays there, when it gets to that point DO NOT “SELL ALL” YOUR STOCKS! There is a money cap of 2,147,483,647 so instead hold down the plus sign button and it will stop at the cap and you can sell. You’ll  have plenty of money and stock left over when you need to cash out some more!

Have any GTA stock tips of your own? Then get started on some insider trading in the comments!

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